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22 sales podcasts to listen to now that we’re commuting again

Top sales podcasts
Brush up on your fundamentals
Push the boundaries
Understand your buyers
Get focused on areas of expertise
Get some quick sales tips
Listen to conversations with industry leaders
Final thoughts

Now we’re beginning to return to the office we’re having to find ways to pass the time during our commutes. What better way to start the day than listening to sales podcasts to get you fired up by the time you reach your desk?

In this article we’ll bring you some of the top sales podcasts for sales professionals who want to hone their craft. We’ve included podcasts with a range of run times and levels of expertise so that, regardless of who you are and how much time you have, there will be something for you.

These are the best sales podcasts to help you..

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Brush up on your fundamentals

If you’re new to the world of sales or want to make sure your core sales tactics are up to date, then the following podcasts on sales are a great place to start.

1. Catalyst Sale Podcast

Host: Mike Simmons and Jody Maberry

Average length: Varies

Find here: Website, Spotify

If you’re looking for a podcast discussing the core sales building blocks of a successful practice, then look no further.

Each episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast covers advice for covering the fundamentals in your sales processes and activities. If you’re wondering which KPIs you should be paying attention to, how to personalize your outreach, or how salespeople should go about prospecting for new leads, Mike and Jody have you covered.

Geared towards those who are newer to the field, or who want a better understanding of the way sales relates to their team or organization as a whole, as well as getting a grasp on the current landscape of sales, Catalyst Sale Podcast offers a friendly environment to learn something new.

Where to start: Setting Expectations, Creating a Plan, and Adapting the Plan

Best for: Sales training podcast, great for beginners

2. Winning at Selling Podcast

Host: Scott “Professor Plum”, Bill Hellkamp (and Steve Kloyda)

Average length: 30 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

Previously the Get in the Door Podcast hosted by Steve Kloyda, the Winning at Selling Podcast is now hosted by Scott “Professor Plum” and Bill Hellkamp. The new format has a slightly different focus, so we’ll cover them both here.

The Winning at Selling Podcast emphasizes the interactivity of sales and the need for adaptable attitudes and strategies in the changing world of selling. Scott and Bill take a holistic view of the sales process, looking at the importance of roles from the CEO to frontline sales reps and how to get your staff working in harmony towards the end goal of improving future revenue.

Examining the challenges preventing teams from reaching their potential and how to apply new frameworks of thought and process to ensure your team can keep up with the evolving sales environment, Scott and Bill provide clear actionable advice that can be put into practice immediately.

As noted above, this podcast also holds archive episodes of the Get in the Door Podcast, hosted by Steve Kloyda, the focus of which is getting you in front of your clients and prospects so you can wow them with your presentations. If you’re struggling to make that initial connection with your leads or want to brush up on your skills, then we recommend listening to what Steve, the prospecting expert, has to say!

Where to start: Qualifying Prospects to Avoid Useless Meetings

Best for: Sales training podcast, understanding sales roles, great for beginners, B2B selling

3. Make It Happen Mondays

Host: John Barrows

Average Length: 60 mins

Find it here: Website, Apple

John Barrows has a wealth of experience in B2B sales training and as the founder of JBarrows Consulting, his client list includes Salesforce, LinkedIn and Okta.

In Make It Happen Mondays he covers the core sales topics and advice you’d expect from a high caliber podcast on sales, such as streamlining your pipeline and best practices for booking meetings, but also covers a variety of more nuanced topics relating to the individual in the sales environment and the industry in general.

If you’re looking for an in-depth weekly podcast that touches on the fundamentals – while also looking to the future in sales behavior, successful new trends in the sales world and valuable experiences from a diverse range of voices – then this is one of the best B2B sales podcasts you can find.

Where to start: Will Frattini On Sales Engagement Strategies to Accelerate Your Pipeline

Best for: Long commutes, sales training podcast, B2B selling, interviews

4. Sales Hacker Podcast

Host: Sam Jacobs

Average length: 5 mins (Friday Fundamentals), or 35 mins (regular episode)

Find here: Website, Apple

If you’re looking for fun and insightful conversations with some of the best minds in the business, then get subscribed to the Sales Hacker Podcast.

With over 300 episodes, Sam Jacobs speaks to real people in sales and marketing to draw out the key lessons to their success.

Covering topics from the basics of lead generation to the nuances of sales psychology, there’s something for everyone in the Sales Hacker Podcast, whether you’re new to the sales world or a seasoned pro.

Where to start: Building a Company from the Ground Up w/ Zach Rego

Best for: sales success stories, discovering sales influencers, easy listening, inspirational

A pair of headphones

Push the boundaries

Podcasts on sales with an emphasis on building upon your solid fundamentals to help you stand out from competitors, create a niche for your team and home in on the most important factors for your organization to increase revenue and boost growth.

5. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Host: Brian G Burns

Average length: 30-50 mins

Find it here: Stitcher, Apple, Youtube

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling gets right to the point with its “no BS allowed” approach to improving your sales.

With a focus on modeling the successful behaviors of the world’s best sellers, Brian G Burns provides analysis and lessons for enhancing sales performance in the modern world based on real-life examples.

Using his 25 years of experience in the industry, Brian talks about topics such as cold calling, SaaS, social media, the changing state of sales and much more, all while avoiding unhelpful filler.

Brian has a proven track record of helping companies to improve their sales figures and with a host of incredibly good reviews garnered over his 770+ episodes, The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling is a listener favorite and one of the top sales podcasts in the world.

Where to Start: This Rep’s Journey from Good to Great in the Complex Sale

Best for: Long commutes, B2B selling, advanced tips

6. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Hosts: Bill Caskey, Bryan Neale

Average length: 20 mins

Find it here: Website, Apple

The Advanced Selling Podcast is the world’s longest-running sales podcast. With over 800 episodes there’s a huge amount of helpful information to be mined in its archives!

Drawing on their combined sales experience of over 40 years, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale offer a friendly environment for learning valuable insights into the world of sales, with an emphasis on combining the listener’s talent with tips, tricks and new perspectives to help grow skills and strategies for future sales success.

Bill and Bryan cover a vast array of key sales areas, from more effective prospecting strategies to understanding your pain points, all in a convenient time frame that can easily be integrated into breaks or your morning routine.

And for those unsure of where to start, their website offers a handy filter for narrowing down episode topics into prospecting, sales process, mindset and listener mailbag questions, so you can easily find the categories of interest to you.

Where to start: Getting Unstuck at the Beginning

Best for: Short commute, Morning listening, B2B selling, easy listening

7. Sales Enablement Podcast

Host: Andy Paul

Average length: 45-60 mins

Find here: Website, Apple, Spotify

Boasting over 1000 episodes and millions of downloads, Andy Paul’s Sales Enablement Podcast is a three-times-weekly podcast dedicated to helping listeners go above and beyond customer expectations and secure higher sales revenue.

With a litany of candid conversations with industry leaders across the globe, including Dan Pink, Tiffani Bova and Jeffrey Gitomer – not to mention Andy’s own position at #8 in LinkedIn’s Top 50 Global Sales Experts and his two award-winning sales books – the Sales Enablement Podcast contains hundreds of hours of top sales tip, tricks and strategies to improve your performance.

The Sales Enablement Podcast focuses on exploring the critical tools you need to boost your peak sales performance,. There is an emphasis on insights, perspectives, skills and technologies you can leverage to improve your sales process.

Where to start: The Virtue of Patience in Sales, with Mark A Smith

Best for: Long commute, interviews, discovering technologies

Wireless headphones in an ear

Understand your buyers

These podcasts put the focus on selling via an understanding of exactly what it is your leads are looking for, enabling them to find the solution they need in your product or service.

8. Modern Sales Podcast

Host: Liston Witherill

Average length: 20-40 mins

Find here: Apple, Spotify

In the Modern Sales Podcast, Listen Witherill steers the conversation away from outdated sales advice and onto the psychology of selling.

Liston’s core tenet is people are at the heart of all sales, so to be an effective seller you need to understand your audience.

With weekly episodes (sometimes just Liston, sometimes an interview with an industry expert), the Modern Sales Podcast delves into the psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience of how people buy and uses that to change the way we go about selling.

Of course, you’ll also receive expert advice on your sales process, such as writing winning sales presentations and hiring the right reps, but Liston always reinforces the importance of the relationship between seller and buyer as the cornerstone to achieving great sales.

Where to start: Value Based Selling Done Right

Best for: Improving empathy, advanced tips, buyer psychology

9. Scale Your Sales Podcast

Host: Janice B Gordon

Average length: 30 mins

Find here: Apple, YouTube

Multi-award-winning entrepreneur and #25 in the Sage Top 100 Global Business Influencer list, Janice B Gordon brings you the weekly Scale Your Sales Podcast, a show dedicated to helping listeners secure, maintain and grow customer relationships for long-term value and partnerships.

Rejecting the idea that sales is all about crushing deals and crunching numbers, Janice instead puts the human element of sales front and center by enabling the best relationships and processes for buyers to buy.

Each episode brings you lively upbeat discussion with strategic sales experts and influencers to draw out the tips and tricks to understanding buyer behavior, improving your customers’ experiences and learning about the changing landscape of strategic sales.

Where to start: What Happens When Companies Do Not Have a Customer-centric Focus

Best for: Improving empathy, discovering sales influencers, interviews

Magnifying glass

Get focused on areas of expertise

These podcasts are perfect for those wanting to learn more about (or master) a particular subject.

10. The Sales Development Podcast

Host: David Dulany

Average length: Varies

Find here: Website, Apple, YouTube

Are you looking to work on your core inbound lead activities and outbound approaches with helpful tips and strategies from experts in the field? Do you want to develop your skills as a sales manager, or to become one? Then this may be the podcast for you.

Dedicated to furthering the practice of sales development, David Dulany hosts this audio forum for professionals in the sales field to expand their knowledge and hone their craft. The target audience is anyone who works day-in-day-out in a sales environment tasked with creating new leads to fill the sales pipeline.

With over 230 episodes of interviews with leaders pushing the practice of sales development, David uses his specialist knowledge of building successful sales development programs to guide listeners through the nuanced approaches to generating leads, connecting with them, and ensuring they’re right for your business.

Where to start: How Sales Development Reps Can Improve Their Performance with Sahil Mansuri

Best for: Discovering technologies, discovering sales influencers, interviews

11. Get Automated Podcast

Host: Kelsey Bratcher

Average length: 60-120 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

If you want to be as efficient as possible in the modern world of sales, then you need to be automating.

Knowing where to begin and how to use it effectively can be overwhelming and off-putting, but don’t worry, the Get Automated Podcast has you covered.

In each episode, Kelsey sits down with business owners to take a deep dive into how automation has saved them time and helped grow their organization. Together, they explore the challenges of adopting new technology and how to make it work for you, bringing you information on the various automation technologies out there and how they can benefit your company.

The Get Automated Podcast breaks down the barriers to adopting new processes that save you time and money. They free up your team to focus on selling and should be a priority for those looking to modernize their sales process.

Where to start: Start Here with Taylor Schulte

Best for: Discovering technologies, automation, interviews, long commute

12. The Sales Stackr Podcast

Host: Matthew Isales

Average length: 40 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

There’s no doubt your sales team is the most important part of your sales process. They’re the ones meeting your leads and converting them into won deals.

In the Sales Stackr Podcast, Matthew Isales wants to help you put those sellers into the spotlight by giving them all the tools they need to succeed. After all, the more of their time you save, the more time they can put into winning over new leads.

But with the myriad sales tools available out there, knowing which will be best for your team can be confusing. To help get to grips with the tools your business needs to succeed, Matthew couples his expertise with industry professionals, providing real-world examples of how using the right sales tools can enable your team to reach new heights of revenue and growth.

Where to start: The Role of Sales Tools in the Sales Process

Best for: Discovering technologies, sales development, interviews

13. Conquer Local Podcast

Host: George Leith

Average length: 20-40 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

Not all businesses have large areas of operations, and if you belong to one such organization then George Leith’s Conquer Local Podcast will be an indispensable tool for growing your sales.

Through content aimed at helping the listener serve local businesses, George interviews experts in sales and marketing to drastically improve your digital revenue. Listeners can expect to learn how to master Google Ads, how to improve their sales empathy, how to generate more leads and much more.

As well as providing practical advice, George and his guests also discuss the sales environment as a whole and how different philosophies and tools are helping local sellers increase their revenue and growth.

A must-listen for any business looking to develop in its local market!

Where to start: Adapt to Digital or Die, with Paul Plant

Best for: Local selling, interviews, expanding sales philosophies

14. Selling to Corporate Podcast

Host: Jessica Lorimer

Average length: 20-40 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

Selling to corporations can be a daunting task for a small company, but host Jessica Lorimer takes the sting out of the tail in the Selling to Corporate Podcast.

With over 50 episodes, Jessica demystifies what the corporate world is looking for and how smaller businesses can pitch themselves, win deals and provide great services to larger organizations.

If you’re looking for a fun B2B top sales podcast covering issues such as how to find your niche, which social media platforms to invest in and how to categorize your corporate leads, then let Jessica’s 15 years of industry experience and accolade as a Global Top 20 Sales Performer for FTSE 250 companies guide you into making smart decisions when it comes to selling to corporate.

Where to start: How To Understand What a Corporate Company Is

Best for: B2B selling, selling to corporate, advanced tips

headphone wires shaped as a thumbs up

Get some quick sales tips

Being short on time doesn’t mean you should miss out. Check out these podcasts for a quick burst of sales know-how.

15. Same Side Selling Podcast

Host: Ian Altman

Average length: 10-25 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

If you’re looking for a podcast crammed full of actionable advice and inspirational stories wrapped up in short packages, then the Same Side Selling Podcast is for you.

Each week, B2B selling expert Ian Altman breaks down pain points and best practices, drawing on his two decades of experience as a CEO to help listeners achieve the success and growth they’re aiming for. He also interviews leading minds in the industry, who reveal the secrets to their proven success.

If you’ve been wondering how to align your sales and marketing, whether you should price your services hourly or at a fixed cost, or even how you should be dealing with those difficult clients and colleagues, then Ian has practical, actionable advice for you.

Where to start: Lead Through Strengths, Lisa Cummings

Best for: Short commute, B2B selling, interviews

16. The Sales Evangelist

Host: Donald Kelly

Average length: 15-25 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

Host Donald Kelly found his sales career stagnating until a company decided to invest in him and give him the training he needed to succeed. After his training, Donald closed a deal worth four times the cost of what the company spent on him and from there he hasn’t looked back.

The Sales Evangelist Podcast is all about encouraging businesses and individuals to achieve their potential through the education of what works. Donald interviews the world’s leading sales experts to find out what they’re doing right now to succeed in their field.

Through the more than 1,400 episodes, listeners will gain valuable actionable insights into improving their own sales figures, as well as inspirational stories to motivate them to rise through the ranks and earn the income they’ve been striving for.

Where to start: Three Simple Ways to Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

Best for: Short commute, inspirational, advanced tips

17. Growth Dynamics Get Down

Host: Sarah Waple

Average length: 5 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

If you’re looking for a short motivational boost for a Monday morning, or you want to tune into a podcast but struggle to find the time, then try out the five-minute episodes of the Growth Dynamics Get Down with Sarah Waple.

Each episode crams in lots of valuable insights on a specific topic, with the emphasis being on helping the listener change and adapt their mindset so they can break through barriers and achieve higher sales.

With a focus on lessons set in a real-world context, clear sections, actionable advice and audience interaction, listeners are sure to come away smarter than they went in, despite the short run time.

Where to start: Person vs. Performance

Best for: Short commute, quick tips, inspirational

iPod with a graduation cap

Listen to conversations with industry leaders

Sit back and learn the secrets to success behind the best sales minds in the world.

18. Conversations with Women in Sales

Host: Lori Richardson

Average length: 20-40 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

Host Lori Richardson brings listeners the top podcast that highlights the experiences and challenges of women in sales.

Each episode features an interview with real sales leaders who are outstanding in their field, detailing their secrets and illuminating answers to pain points in the sales world.

Topics range from focusing on personal development, such as dealing with impostor syndrome and overcoming adversity, to more general sales tips such as creating content, B2B sales and strategic partnerships.

With over 100 episodes, this unique podcast features talking points that will be of interest to everyone!

Where to start: Changing Sales Culture for the Better, Nikki Ivey, Cultured Perspective

Best for: Inspirational, advanced tips, discovering sales influencers

19. Best Selling Podcast

Host: Vince Beese

Average length: 40 mins

Find here: Website, Apple, Stitcher

The Best Selling Podcast has a simple premise: interview real sales professions to uncover their secrets to success!

What sets the Best Selling Podcast apart is the easy manner Vince has with his guests. He gets the best out of his interviews with his relaxed and friendly manner, presenting fascinating new ideas to his listeners without ever taking them out of their comfort zone.

There are over 70 episodes of interviews with industry leaders giving their advice on topics from how to get the most out of your social media to lead generation best practices. The Best Selling Podcast is for listeners who want to make their sales fundamentals water-tight and expand into new techniques to drive up sales.

Where to start: Sales Done Right with John Barrows

Best for: Inspirational, advanced tips, discovering sales influencers, easy listening

20. Inside Influence

Host: Julie Masters

Average length: 60 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

If you’re looking to improve your personal or your reps’ influence in the sales sphere, then look no further.

In Inside Influence, Julie Masters interviews some of the most influential professionals in their fields to understand how to build up authority and trust in your industry, perfect for helping reps win over their leads and managers bring their team together towards a common goal.

In the 100+ episodes, listeners will learn how to make better decisions, trust in their abilities, and how to exert influence over those around them. Julie doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions, giving listeners the full story on each topic.

Where to start: Pip McKay - Your Influence Archetype: A Hidden Language of Growth, Persuasion and Getting Unstuck

Best for: Inspirational, long commute, persuasion and influence

21. The Anthony Iannarino Show

Host: Anthony Iannarino

Average length: 40 mins

Find here: Website, Apple

A recent addition to the sales podcast scene, The Anthony Iannarino Show brings you in-depth discussions with great industry minds to improve your sales strategies.

Anthony has been publishing his daily blog since 2010 and is now bringing his wisdom to the podcast forum.

With a diverse range of topics from how to approach your leads to the best mediums to convey your message, Anthony is an excellent sales trainer whose ideas can help you enhance your performance. If you’re looking to see your B2B sales boosted, then The Anthony Iannarino Show is a great place to begin.

Where to start: There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block with Seth Godin

Best for: Sales success stories, long commute, B2B selling, inspirational

22. Sales Gravy Podcast

Host: Jeb Blount

Average length: Varies

Find here: Website, Apple

In the Sales Gravy Podcast, internationally recognized expert and bestselling author Jeb Blount reveals how to open more doors and close more deals.

You’ll be treated to thought-provoking conversations between Jeb and industry leaders on a range of topics.

Whether you’re an introvert and need tips on how to use sales skills to your advantage, you’re interested in how sleep affects your sales performance or how to overcome the most common objections you’ll face as a salesperson, Jeb has you covered.

Where to start: Why Salespeople Need to View Themselves as Self-Reliant Entrepreneurs

Best for: Sales success stories, discovering sales influencers, inspirational

Final thoughts

There are a lot of sales podcasts out there, but you should have a good idea now of where to start, whether it’s a more niche topic or you’re just starting on your sales journey. Some of the listed podcasts even have YouTube channels if you prefer to listen and watch at the same time.

Podcasts can be listened to any time you want, not just during the commute. With the range of episode lengths, whether you’re listening to take down notes or just to listen and immerse yourself in the knowledge of an expert, make the podcasts work around you and your schedule.

Driving business growth