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How Instyle Solar closed more quality leads fast

Australia based Instyle Solar provides solar power services.

  • Industry: Engineering/Tech
  • Location: Australia
  • Integration: Autopilot

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By integrating Pipedrive and Autopilot Instyle Solar was able to close more quality leads faster.

4 years

How long Instyle Solar has partnered with Pipedrive


Amount of money used to start the business


Instyle Solar is now the biggest solar company in Queensland

The challenge

According to the Harvard Business Review, you’re seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with your customers when you respond within the first hour.

But when you have a pipeline clogged full of leads to call, emails to answer and prospects to qualify, as in the case with Instyle Solar, responding to a lead within one hour can feel more like a fairytale than a possibility.

To make sure they could consistently jump on quality leads and prevent potential customers from getting lost in a clogged-up pipeline, Instyle Solar chose Pipedrive.

Our four-year partnership with Pipedrive has been a critical driver of growth for the business. The automation power of Autopilot has improved the level and quality of communication our company has with customers.

Karl BrownFounder and CEO

Automation is always great. We’ve been able to create set-ups where our team can’t get hold of someone for a week or two. Before we kept ringing them from a call center, which only upset the customer but now, with Autopilot, we automatically push those customers into nurture campaigns. Having different setups like that gives the customer a better experience. By customizing and automating the customer journey, we were able to remove so much clutter, bottlenecking, manual admin and confusion. I really enjoyed Autopilot’s addition to the Pipedrive marketplace. It adds a lot of versatility to how salespeople can fully control their entire sales process.

Karl BrownFounder and CEO

The solution

The Autopilot-Pipedrive integration gives them the power to increase their average deal velocity, visualize the customer journey from start to finish and automate personalized communication.

For a salesperson managing leads in Pipedrive and using Autopilot’s marketing automation software, the experience between both systems is now bi-directional. All contacts and their information are automatically synchronized between both systems.

Through the Autopilot-Pipedrive integration, managers can organize their sales team into groups and assign leads using a round-robin arrangement.

Tasks focused on assigning leads and adding customers into a lead nurturing journey can be automated on Autopilot’s visual canvas. You can use a series of triggers, actions and conditions to customize according to your needs.

The results

The combination of the simplicity of Pipedrive and the customization offered by Autopilot has allowed Karl and his team to build a scalable, consistent and speedy sales process that is hard for their competitors to match.

Karl started his business in 2014 with just $2500. Now, Instyle Solar is the largest privately-owned solar company in Karl’s state, dominating the Queensland market.

Visit the Pipedrive Marketplace now if you haven’t already set up your integration, and for information on how to get the integration up and running, visit the Autopilot-Pipedrive integration page.

In Autopilot’s Templates Library, you can also find example journeys (like the one below) that will help you maximize the value of the Autopilot-Pipedrive integration.

The ultimate goal is to go into other states in a bigger way. We’re easily the biggest solar company in Queensland now. The goal now to duplicate that.

Karl BrownFounder and CEO

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