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How Bao Living enhances urban living with more than 150 Smart Adaptable Modules

Bao Living aims to make urban living more affordable and sustainable through innovative construction solutions. The company’s flagship product, SAM (Smart Adaptable Modules), is a modular and circular solution that integrates all necessary utilities – kitchen, bathroom, heating, ventilation, electricity and even beds and desks – into a single, efficient modular unit. This approach saves space and significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional construction methods.

Benjamin Eysermans, CEO and Co-founder at Bao Living said: “We started the business with the goal of making urban housing more affordable and sustainable.”

  • Industry: Construction/Modular Urban Solutions
  • Location: Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg
  • Key feature: Pipeline view
Pipedrive Bao Living Case Study


Percentage of the total greenhouse gas emissions that come from the construction industry


Additional living space that can be gained by implementing SAM


Rental income increase through the implementation of SAM


The value of some recent deals, reflecting growing demand

The main problem faced by the company

High costs, inefficiency and a significant environmental footprint are typical of the construction industry. Traditional methods involve multiple contractors and a lack of coordination, leading to waste and increased emissions.

There’s a lot of work that needs to happen in [the construction] sector... It’s also the most polluting industry.

Benjamin EysermansCEO and Co-founder at Bao Living

Pipedrive features used

Goal setting and progress tracking
Goal setting and progress tracking

Helped Bao Living make sustainable business decisions

Templates and automated workflows
Templates and automated workflows

Streamlined communication and efficiency in the sales process

Comprehensive CRM functionalities
Comprehensive CRM functionalities

Supported the scaling of the business and managing an increasing number of deals and customer interactions

How Pipedrive supports Bao Living

Thanks to Pipedrive, Bao Living has seamlessly integrated its CRM with essential sales and project management tools, enabling comprehensive visibility and coordination throughout its sales process. This integration is crucial in managing the construction industry’s lengthy and complex sales cycles, ensuring that Bao Living can maintain high engagement with prospects and efficiently turn them into customers.

Bao Living leverages Pipedrive’s automation features to streamline communications and manage leads effectively, allowing them to focus on delivering customized sustainable living solutions. The forecasting feature is particularly beneficial, helping the team prioritize deals and strategize their efforts toward the most promising opportunities. When a deal is won, success is celebrated with an animation, boosting morale and reinforcing the team’s commitment to its mission.

Pipedrive has been instrumental in managing our sales process, from initial contact to closing deals, ensuring we never miss an opportunity to transform urban living. The system’s ease of use encourages our team to fully embrace the CRM, integrating it into our daily operations. Having used Pipedrive for several years, it’s clearly been a critical factor in our ability to scale and expand our impact. Without Pipedrive, certain innovative projects to make urban living more sustainable might not have been realized.

EysermansCEO and Co-founder at Bao Living

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