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How Canine Protection International fueled $50k revenue growth in six months

Operating out of Dallas, Texas, Canine Protection International provides fully-trained family protection dogs, based on the unique needs and lifestyles of their customers. Their dogs are obedient, well-mannered and offer best-in-class protection.

  • Industry: Security
  • Location: United States
  • Key feature/add-on: Forecast reports
Canine Protection International + Pipedrive


Revenue increase in the first six months after moving to a higher Pipedrive plan


One more sale a month now means another $200k a year

The challenge

Having been on the Advanced plan for some time, Canine Protection International was seeing strong results from its three-stage sales program of capturing website leads, holding phone consultations and finally closing the deals.

Having experienced steady growth while using the Advanced Pipedrive plan, International Managing Partner Cole Morgan and his team realized they could take advantage of their success and drive even faster revenue growth by upgrading their Pipedrive plan to Professional and extracting the most value they could from Pipedrive.

By exploring what Pipedrive’s professional plan had to offer, Cole could see how the robust reporting and forecasts, as well as the team management capabilities, would help Canine Protection International level up its sales performance.

Our dogs come fully trained. We hand them over to be their family with the assurance that they’ll have control from the outset. The beauty of it is they don’t even need to be on a leash. They look after your loved ones from day one.

Cole MorganManaging Partner, Canine Protection International

The solution

After six months on the Professional plan, Canine Protection International has seen a range of benefits. The sales team can now see all customer activity across the business’s different channels, and by using the integration with Autopilot, the team has been able to provide a much more consistent level of customer service.

By combining these features, the team has freed up its time, which they’re using partly to sell more and partly to improve their customer experience.

Prior to upgrading, revenue forecasting had been a stumbling block for some time. The access to Professional plan reporting features enables Canine Protection International to analyze future performance with much greater precision by taking into consideration the close date, the value and the probability of the deal.

Why stop at Advanced if you can keep improving?

Cole MorganManaging Partner, Canine Protection International

“For the first time in my life, I’m not afraid to open my CRM. I can open it, look at it and know exactly what I have to do and where things are. I actually enjoy doing sales now.

Cole MorganManaging Partner, Canine Protection International

Canine Protection International’s unique way of using Pipedrive

Canine Protection International uses third-party apps integrated with Pipedrive to help drive sales.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s powerful API and the customization abilities of Zapier, Canine Protection International were able to set up automations that pulled data from apps like Intercom, Front and Autopilot straight into their sales dashboard on Pipedrive. This removes the manual aspects of tracking and reporting by automatically arranging all relevant data into a single neat CRM hub.

And by using Pipedrive as a centralized hub, Canine Protection International can use Zapier to control text messages, Front for shared email inboxes, Intercom for live chat and help center functions, and Autopilot for marketing automation, all of which feed into the Pipedrive database to provide comprehensive customer information history.

The Marketplace integrations Canine Protection International is using

How Canine Protection International wants to use Pipedrive going forward

The next step for Canine Protection International? More accurate forecasting.

Cole wants to start integrating historical data from Excel into Pipedrive, extending Canine Protection International’s data to improve forecast models and bring even more useful data into its chosen “one true view” sales hub.

These forecasts will then help inform the decisions that shape the growth of the business. Now that Cole has his team’s data organized into one simple hub, he will be able to accurately predict future performance, troubleshoot potential problems early and scale at the right speed.

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