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How Eye Hospital Denmark improved their patient service

The oldest and largest private eye hospital in Denmark Øjenhospitalet Danmark (Eye Hospital Denmark) was able to improve their patient service by adopting Pipedrive.

  • Industry: Health
  • Location: Denmark
  • Key feature: Automations


Zero failure rate when ordering lenses for patients


Halfed the number of appointments and treatment no-shows


It took less than one year to see these improvements

The challenge

As one of the oldest and largest private eye hospitals in Denmark, Eye Hospital Denmark (Øjenhospitalet Danmark) manages the records of many patients, some of whom need frequent appointments and others who need just one. With such a large customer base, they kept missing opportunities to grow and nurture it with sales and marketing.

They needed a CRM system that would help them work smarter and provide better service to their patients.

Before Pipedrive, we were limited to our patient journal system, which naturally did not offer any specific sales management solution. Until we got Pipedrive, it was necessary for us to create our own systems, many of them manually. This meant that a lot of the ‘sales necessary information’ concerning all patients, besides the information in journals, was lost between parties within the organization.

Kristian MejlvangEye Hospital Denmark’s Marketing Manager

We chose Pipedrive because of its intuitive, clever design, its simple UI and lead generating abilities. Pipedrive is not a heavy system: unlike Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive is easy to use and has a simple approach to building activities. Being part of the health/medical industry, the system is suitable because it allows us to connect to several other vital systems, such as patient journal systems.
We are currently looking into Mailchimp for sending out newsletters. The synchronization with Pipedrive helps us out a lot. We’re also using Zapier and more integrations are coming. We have many auto-generated reminders for our staff, which are valuable for us as we are dealing with different segments and different treatments. One example is that the auto-reminder provides a ‘double safety’ for procedures like ordering the right lenses for the right treatments. In fact, the failure rate of this very important task is at 0%!

Kristian MejlvangEye Hospital Denmark’s Marketing Manager

The solution

To streamline their sales activities, Eye Hospital Denmark selected Pipedrive.

The team is still reliant on a secure patient journal system to manage a lot of customer data. Thankfully, Pipedrive allows them to centralize all information about each patient and provides the tools so that each employee can obtain access to relevant information when they need it.

And it’s not just the integration with their existing systems that has had a benefit to Kristian and his team’s ability to manage customer relationships.

Kristian and his team are constantly finding new ways to simplify the many repetitive manual procedures needed in the hospital’s day-to-day operations. Automations open an exciting array of opportunities to streamline these processes.

Kristian also says that Pipedrive’s features are very useful when it comes to following up with customers and changing ownership of deals between team members. The team members have hooked up all their email accounts to Pipedrive, giving them access to loads of new features.

The results

Eye Hospital Denmark’s (Øjenhospitalet Danmark) employees have only just started exploring the possibilities of Pipedrive, but they’re already seeing the benefits.

Their priority was to ensure that the implementation was fully functional, technically and organizationally. Within this phase, and especially after the full implementation, they could see competitive advantages, such as a higher degree of patient service.

Pipedrive has become a vital part of our daily operations and workflow, as well as helping us to analyze and grow the business. For example, a better patient follow-up process, as well as better workflow, has reduced the number of ‘no-shows’ at the hospital by approximately 50%. It is clear to see the potential of the Pipedrive system. Before, we did not have the tools to measure economical improvements in depth. Now we do!

Kristian MejlvangEye Hospital Denmark’s Marketing Manager

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