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How Eye Hospital Denmark Improved Their Patient Service With Pipedrive

Øjenhospitalet Danmark is the oldest and largest private eye hospital in Denmark.

  • Client: Øjenhospitalet Danmark
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Location: Denmark
  • Number of employees: 20

Quick facts

The hospital’s success rate of ordering the right lenses for the right patients at the right time is 100%

Better patient follow-up has reduced the amount of people not turning up to appointments and treatments by roughly 50%

The hospital has seen an increase in deals won


CRM Requirements

Despite a large customer base, the hospital kept missing opportunities to grow and nurture leads with sales and marketing. “Before Pipedrive, we were limited to our patient journal system, which naturally did not offer any specific sales management solution,” explains Kristian Mejlvang, Eye Hospital Denmark’s Marketing Manager. "We needed a CRM system to become collectively smarter and provide a better service for patients,” he says.

Pipedrive has become a vital part of our daily operations and workflow, as well as helping us to analyze and grow the business. For example, a better patient follow-up process, as well as better workflow, has reduced the amount of ‘no-shows’ at the hospital by approximately 50%. It is clear to see the potential of the Pipedrive system. Before, we did not have the tools to measure economical improvements in depth. We do now.

Kristian MejlvangMarketing Manager, Øjenhospitalet Danmark


How Pipedrive helped

Being part of the medical industry, Pipedrive is suitable for the hospital because it allows them to connect to several other vital systems, such as patient journal systems. Kristian says, “The CRM allowed us to centralize all information about each patient, and provides the tools so that each employee can obtain access to the relevant information.”

Businesses using a CRM in the healthcare industry can see significant operational efficiency improvements using a feature like Workflow automation, even though users don’t see themselves as salespeople, like at the hospital.

Kristian also says that Pipedrive’s features are very useful when it comes to following up with customers and changing ownership of deals between team members. The team members have hooked up all their email accounts to Pipedrive, giving them access to loads of new email tools.

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Pipedrive features used

Workflow automation, to save their team time by eliminating repetitive tasks and working with a streamlined sales process

Two-way email sync, to keep track of communications and access features like email templates and tracking go

Follow-up reminders, to keep in touch with customers and reduce the number of missed appointments

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