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How Hanse Mondial is now able to process twice as many leads with Pipedrive

Since its foundation in 2017, Hanse Mondial GmbH has positioned itself as a pioneer in digital bus logistics. Putting buses “on digital wheels” is the motto of this Hamburg-based company, which creates flexible solutions for passengers from a single source.

With Pipedrive and its partner kapio, Hanse Mondial has two strong experts at its side who will continue to inspire the company’s growth.

  • Industry: Logistics
  • Location: Germany
  • Key Function: Pipeline management
Hanse Mondial Case Study


As many leads processed in the same time period


New sales staff now supporting the team


Increase in turnover achieved by working with Pipedrive

More requests and fewer missed opportunities

Thanks to its innovative concept, Hanse Mondial was able to register several bus travel inquiries early on – but its sales process couldn’t keep up. A lack of automation and too little insight into important KPIs meant the company could only scale its sales to a limited extent despite great interest in its product.

At the time, the company was using its own software but was soon unable to keep up with the rapid growth.

At Hanse Mondial, we aim to bring together technological developments and personal commitment to finding the best solutions for our customers. That meant demands on our CRM system were high: automation, synchronization with our own software, insights into KPIs and sales – we couldn’t imagine an existing piece of software that would handle all our complex processes.

Julien FigurCEO, Hanse Mondial

The company’s own software had reached its limits

When Hanse Mondial realized that its own software solution could no longer meet growing demand, the company started looking for alternatives. Eventually, they came across Pipedrive, a powerful API and application management software that met the company’s requirements.

To further optimize and automate the Lead2Cash process, they also called in experts kapio. This ensured the company could use the new software’s full potential and get an efficient and powerful solution for their business processes.

Before switching to Pipedrive, we built and used our own software. Over time, though, this reached its limits. We eventually decided to remove the CRM component from our ERP system and take care of it with an external tool, Pipedrive. This was definitely the right decision!

Chris FigurCFO, Hanse Mondial

Hanse Mondial Bus

An expanding sales pipeline

At first, Hanse Mondial was skeptical: could its highly complex sales process really be mapped with a comparatively easy-to-use and intuitive tool like Pipedrive?

First, the entire sales process was visualized. In a joint brainstorming session, Hanse Mondial and kapio digitalized the process step-by-step and mapped it in Pipedrive.

The new system was automated, so the sales team could work faster, more efficiently and without unnecessary redundancies. Using Pipedrive’s advanced APIs, Hanse Mondial’s development team connected the Pipedrive CRM with the company’s own bus logistics platform. The result is a sales funnel that maps all phases of the sales process and guarantees a smooth customer journey for every lead.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s open interfaces, we were also able to connect our HR software. This makes it possible to automatically assign new incoming deals to the available sales staff, while staff on sick leave are automatically recognized by the system as unavailable.

Chris FigurCFO, Hanse Mondial

Automated and time-saving: How Hanse Mondial scales with Pipedrive

One of the keys to more scalability for Hanse Mondial was consistent automation with Pipedrive’s help.

Partner company kapio implemented various automations such as the automatic ticking off of certain tasks in Pipedrive as soon as a task was completed in the ERP system. Order confirmations and reminders for invoicing were also automated.

The sales team at Hanse Mondial was thus able to concentrate more on its core competence – meaning 300 leads, instead of 150, can now be processed in the same amount of time.

Through Pipedrive, we’ve created great transparency in our ordering process. This supports our sales process and our employees see their tasks first thing in the morning. We process orders faster and more meticulously than before. This means not only can we accept more inquiries, but also answer them and put the customer first, despite the volume.

Emmanuel StoverCOO, Hanse Mondial

As of today, Hanse Mondial has increased turnover by 20%

Today’s numbers speak for themselves: thanks to Pipedrive, Hanse Mondial’s sales team can process twice as many leads in the same timeframe. In the meantime, the sales team has grown from 10 to 15 employees, and thanks to clear structures and transparent processes, everyone knows what to do next.

Immediately available, detailed reports also allow insight into crucial KPIs. The result: Hanse Mondial has already recorded a 20% increase in turnover.

The company’s experience also shows how profitable it can be to work with a Pipedrive partner who knows all the possibilities of the software and supports the entire implementation process.

Kapio helped us from the beginning, according to our wishes. The team brainstormed with our in-house IT, visualized sales processes and explored everything possible in terms of automation and connections within the framework of the technical conditions. As a result, we now have an efficient, transparent and largely automated sales process, which has a direct, positive impact on our turnover. Pipedrive will be invaluable as we continue to scale our sales.

Tobias WarneckeCTO, Hanse Mondial

HM Team

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