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How Mobius increased new leads by 10% and reduced admin by 15%

Mobius Protection Systems, an Israel-based company, is a world-leading supplier of seats for urban air mobility platforms, energy-absorbing seat solutions for armored vehicles and shock mitigation seats for high-speed motorboats. The company prides itself on the quality of its products, with the slogan, “When quality is the main objective - you can’t find better than Mobius.”

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: Israel
  • Pipedrive partner: LeAndolini Solutions

The sales and marketing team worked with business consultant LeAndolini Solutions to develop a sales pipeline that could generate more leads and reduce time spent on admin work. The solution they discovered combined Pipedrive and add-on LeadBooster with the JotForm integration.


Mobius is generating 10% more leads


The five-person team reduced admin time by 15%


They are saving $80 a month on tools

The challenge

Mobius’s sales and marketing team wanted to be more hands-on with the opportunities that entered their pipeline, but they were spending too much time on manual work such as quote generation and lead qualification.

They also wanted to migrate all customer information to one place and sync sales and marketing leads through the same pipeline.

As we are a company that manages long sales cycles it’s very difficult to gather all information related to an opportunity in one place that is both clear and actionable. Generating quotes was also very time-consuming, so we sought to streamline it and make it faster and simpler to send quotes to potential customers.

Eldad EilamVP Sales & Marketing

How LeAndolini Solutions helped Mobius to overcome the challenge

Initially, the Mobius team was unsure which CRM solution to consider, with the final candidates being Pipedrive and Salesforce. LeAndolini Solutions presented Pipedrive in a way that overcame all the challenges they had and led the team to the conclusion that Pipedrive was the solution they needed.

Pipedrive’s customer success team was also involved in the process, partially after execution, and made sure Mobius’s needs were met.

Before turning to LeAndolini we did not know how to make full use of Pipedrive and leverage it to our needs. We wanted a partner that could save us time and money, understand our deep business needs and translate them to the correct implementation in Pipedrive.

Eldad EilamVP Sales & Marketing

Eldad is using Web Visitors to see how companies are interacting with the Mobius website, which content they're reading, before making the sales call. He's then using that information to navigate the sales call with better knowledge of exactly what the company is interested in. So, instead of talking about their products in general, he's able to have more accurate and meaningful conversations with prospects. Prospector is also a tool he's using extensively in order to find and qualify potential leads.

David ZisnerCEO of Leandolini Solutions

Benefitting from Prospector and Web Visitors

Before working with Leandolini Solutions, Mobius did not have a CRM, relying on Excel to track their sales process. Eldad joined the company as VP Sales & Marketing, having previously worked with Salesforce, so it was his natural inclination to use Salesforce again.

However, David Zisner, CEO of Leandolini Solutions, was able to persuade Eldad that Pipedrive, and its add-ons LeadBooster and Web Visitors, was a more complete toolset.

The results

Pipedrive, the LeadBooster add-on and the integration Mobius has synced with the CRM have streamlined their sales pipeline from lead acquisition to close.

“The ease in which Pipedrive connects with third-party software gives us the great value that we were looking for, beyond just a CRM.”

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