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How Pipedrive and Smart Docs helped Sellto radically improve efficiency

Swedish company Sellto is a B2B consultancy that optimizes its clients’ digital sales process by providing guidance on software, sales pitching and departmental culture.

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Location: Sweden
  • Key add-on: Smart Docs
Sellto Case Study


Reduced customer and document management costs by 58%


Sales process is three times more efficient than it was before

The problem the company faced

Before refining his product into the one offered by Sellto, Stefan Blendulf had been providing sales consulting to small- and medium-sized e-commerce companies.

Stefan was using over 10 different tools to automate his sales process, including document creation and management, which was costing his business time and money. He needed to combine these tools into one platform, while streamlining the entire process.

That was the biggest challenge, to maintain a great workflow, because the more apps you have, the more things you need to take into consideration. You can set everything up with automation, but that needs time and maintenance. That was the big struggle: to have everything work well together and to really maintain a smooth workflow.

Stefan BlendulfOwner and Founder, Sellto

How Pipedrive provides a solution

When Pipedrive launched Smart Docs, Stefan decided to give it a try and was thrilled with the results. He was able to cancel his previous document management tool subscription and rely entirely on Pipedrive for his quotes, proposals and contracts.

Pipedrive and Smart Docs combined the features Stefan needed multiple tools for, including document management features. The CRM helped Stefan streamline his process, making it three times more efficient and helping to reduce customer and document management costs by 58%.

Smart Docs automatically pulls lead data from Pipedrive, so Stefan was also able to create professional custom document templates that would auto-populate when deals moved through pipeline stages.

I think it kicks ass. Looking at the size of our company – and even looking at bigger companies, say 300 employees – I don’t see why you’d use other document management software or anything other than Pipedrive if you’re already using Pipedrive as your CRM, because it has everything that you need.
Of all Pipedrive’s customers, there’s no one who has tried more SaaS or CRMs than I have, and there’s nothing as comprehensive as Pipedrive, especially when it includes Smart Docs.

Stefan BlendulfOwner, Founder Sellto

Sellto’s unique way of using Pipedrive

However, now he’s back up and running with Sellto, Stefan has found it easy to start using Pipedrive again.

Pipedrive provides flexibility and customization options, so Stefan’s new sales process takes center stage and his team uses the best methods to progress leads down the pipeline – while still providing a clear structure for new team members.

With Smart Docs covering all Sellto’s estimate, proposal and contract needs, the team can quickly provide leads with professional documents and eliminate human error.

It’s literally plug and play, and the cool thing with Pipedrive is there are so many different ways of working with it. Regardless of how I use it, it always makes sense. Looking at other CRMs, you’re so stuck to their type of process, but this is how you should do it. For me, being as I am, I could never work that way, because I want to make my own adjustments.
Pipedrive inspired us. It helped us realize what was possible. With Smart Docs, we could actually package the product in a way to make it more attractive and appear more professional to prospects.

Stefan BlendulfOwner and Founder, Sellto

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