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How Pipedrive helped Sun4power manage 100 projects in 6 months

Having worked in the solar panel installation industry for some time, in 2022 Paul De Bruyne decided to use his expertise to create his own business, Sun4power, a solar panel installation company based in Belgium.

Sun4power stands out in its market thanks to the team’s ability to react quickly to demands and provide a personal service to its customers. Paul meets with every client before and after the installation, building human relationships with customers that larger companies can’t provide.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Belgium
  • Key feature/add-on: Projects
Pipedrive and Sun4power


100 projects over the first 6 months


50 ongoing projects managed at once


The sales team has tripled in size

The problem the company faced

Paul initially set up Sun4power using a competitor CRM as part of his software stack, as he’d used it in businesses before.

However, he quickly realized that the software wasn’t intuitive enough. Its features were good, but making use of them was complicated and difficult.

He began looking for an alternative that would be easy to use while still providing all the functionality he needed to run his business as a small company in a complicated market.

It was crucial for Paul that his CRM would be intuitive, have project management features and link easily with the external programs he used for other parts of the business. He also wanted something that would be quick and simple to onboard new employees with when the time came.

The challenge was that new users didn’t understand. Pipedrive is more intuitive, much more intuitive, that’s one of the reasons I chose it.

Paul de BruyneFounder, Sun4power

You do an online meeting of maybe an hour and it’s done, it’s so intuitive. I had to do some work in the beginning, do some online coaching, but it’s easy. Not too much of my time is needed, that’s the important thing, because we are a small company, in administration, my wife Nicole and I handle invoicing, client communications, project planning, buying, you name it. Because we have Pipedrive, it allows us to grow like this – otherwise, it would not be possible.

Paul de BruyneFounder, Sun4power

How Pipedrive provides a solution

Having tested over 10 tools, Paul settled on Pipedrive thanks to its intuitive interface and integrations with third-party software.

What Pipedrive brings to the table is a fully centralized platform that provides easy access to client information, organization tools and links to external software, while remaining easy to navigate and understand.

Paul can stay on top of everything, from sales to project management. With over 100 completed installations since Sun4power started operating in January and 50 more in the pipeline, Pipedrive has given Paul unprecedented access to information and oversight, providing him with the time to build trusting relationships with customers.

Onboarding the two recent hires in the sales team onto the tool has been a breeze. Paul has only needed online meetings with the two new reps to get them up to speed – and as a small business owner whose time is at a premium, spending less of it onboarding is a big win.

Sun4power Solar Panel

Sun4power’s unique way of using Pipedrive

One of the most important things for Sun4power is the ability to find important information quickly from the centralized database. Customer information, how far along the installation project is, payments and contracts, communications – it all has to be readily available if the business is to run to its full potential.

By making use of the Pipedrive Projects add-on, Sun4power can link every deal and contact to their ongoing projects, with information automatically updating when changes are made. No matter what information Paul and the team need, it’s easy to access thanks to Projects and a number of Pipedrive integrations.

Whether it’s Sakari for customer messaging, PandaDoc for offers and e-signatures, or Zapier to create custom integrations, Pipedrive makes it simple for Sun4power to bring these processes into the workflow.

I made a Zapier connection between Pipedrive and Synchroteam to transfer new customers when the order has been signed. Pipedrive Projects also helps me, I was happy it came on. I think in one installation there are 10 actions or more, which we now can easily follow. I put them in activities with different symbols, for instance technical visits: we have to plan so many technical visits and so many installations, but Pipedrive, Projects and Synchroteam make it a walk in the park.
Thanks to Projects by Pipedrive, as a small team, we were able to manage more than 100 hundred projects over the first six months, with 50 ongoing projects now. It seems unreasonable!

Paul de BruyneFounder, Sun4power

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