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Pipedrive vs. Close CRM

Simple-to-use, extensive functionality, 24/7 support – at nearly half the cost of Close CRM


Pipedrive is an intuitive, simple-to-use CRM created by salespeople, for salespeople. Pipedrive offers custom fields, activities and visual pipelines and unlimited contacts on all plans.

Close CRM

Primarily for small sales teams, Close.io offers a sales automation platform with good functionality, but high costs, feature limits and lack of mobile application make it difficult to grow with your business.

Be in good company

More than 100,000 brands all around the world rely on Pipedrive to grow smarter

Why is Pipedrive the best Close CRM alternative?

Value for money
No storage limits
24/7 support

Pipedrive vs. Close CRM - a snapshot

Pipedrive offers all the features your business needs to grow at a fraction of the cost

Close CRM

Free trial



Price per user

$14.90 – $99

$29 – $149

Billing currency



User limit

Unlimited, all plans

Unlimited, highest plan


Unlimited, all plans

Unlimited, higher plans

Sales pipelines

Unlimited, all plans

Limited, all plans


Unlimited from Advanced plan (2nd plan)

Smart contact data

Unlimited from Advanced plan (2nd plan)

Recurring revenue reports

Unlimited from Advanced plan (2nd plan)

Mobile application

All plans


24/7, all plans

Not 24/7, extra cost

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Pipedrive looking like a better Close CRM alternative?

5 reasons why Pipedrive is the best Close CRM alternative

24/7 support

Salespeople need to be empowered to focus on selling. Nobody wants to have their deals and sales targets put in danger due to unhelpful support. Close CRM provides around the clock support… for an extra $750 per month. Pipedrive has award-winning 24-hour support on all plans, at no extra cost.

Value for money

Close CRM comes at a significantly higher price despite limited features, data restrictions and no mobile application. For six users on the 3rd plan, Close CRM is almost double the cost. Pipedrive offers an affordable CRM with more integrations and 24-hour support as standard.

Data features

Nothing stifles sales momentum like barriers and hidden costs. Despite being more expensive than Pipedrive, Close CRM still has limits on contacts, custom fields and users on its first plan. You will have to upgrade to their "Basic" plan for these limits to be removed, and this plan starts at $69 per month. Pipedrive offers custom fields, sales pipelines and unlimited users and contacts regardless of the plan you’re on.

Sales pipelines

Having the ability to understand your sales opportunities at first glance is crucial. Pipedrive offers unlimited, visual sales pipelines across all plans, so you can easily manage deals across different teams, departments and product lines. Close CRM doesn’t provide visual accounts of your pipeline stages, plus they add limits to the amount of sales pipelines across all plans.

Mobile app

Salespeople need access to their CRM on the move. Pipedrive’s mobile app allows you to view tasks for the day ahead, track calls and caller IDs, create audio notes, access sales data offline, tackle unread emails and overdue activities and see which leads are nearby for timely follow-ups. Pipedrive’s mobile app is also synced with the web app, so any edits to data will appear in real-time on both. Close CRM does not have a mobile app, which is OK for inside sales, but detrimental to the mobile sales professional.

Pipedrive vs. Close CRM: How users compare us

G2Crowd reviews position Pipedrive ahead of Close CRM across numerous key categories

Close CRM




Workflow capability









Data import and export tools



Integration APIs



Breadth of partner applications



Document and content management






Product direction (% positive)



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Pipedrive rated best CRM for product innovation and user satisfaction

Pipedrive comes top in leading industry comparisons.

SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, named Pipedrive as an industry leader in its 2021 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Data Quadrant and Emotional Footprint Awards.

The highly detailed report uses review benchmark data from CRM software users.

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Customize and integrate

Pipedrive is completely customizable and has 400+ app integrations, oh, and an open API

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How our customers grow their business with Pipedrive

Adam Graham, founder of Business development consultancy Gray Matters, has used many CRMs in his career due to his sales background. Since adopting Pipedrive in 2018, Graham attributes much of their success to Pipedrive’s reporting features, particularly, the ability to include custom fields in reports.

See how they increased conversions here

Pipedrive vs. Close CRM FAQs

  • How is Close different from other CRMs?
  • Does Close CRM have a mobile app?
  • Which is better, Close CRM or Pipedrive?
The best thing we love about Pipedrive is it does two-way sync with Google Apps. It has helped us to better organise and keep everything on track.
NGNirmal GyanwaliManaging Director, Nirmal Web Studio
The ability to completely customize the data fields and workflow gives me a tailor made CRM. Much different than my past experiences with these types of programs! The mobile app is just as functional as the desktop version, and even has a few little extras.
CWChris WolpertManaging Member, Group Benefit Solutions
You guys rock for online sales pipeline management! Thanks for making software that thinks about users above a feature list. Loving every minute.
DKDarrell KeezerCEO, Candybox Marketing Inc.

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