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How Gray Matters spots trends and creates innovative new products

Gray Matters is a business development consultancy that helps creative agencies to grow, attract new clients and win new customers.

  • Industry: Agency/Consultancy
  • Location: UK
  • Key feature: Pipedrive CRM

By using Pipedrive, Gray Matters was able to spot trends and create innovative new products that increased their conversion rate.


Percentage points increase in conversion rate


They improved conversion rate by a third overall


Gray Matters’ current conversion rate, up from 20%

The challenge

When he founded Gray Matters owner, Adam Graham, relied on Google Sheets to store his sales data and save money.

However, as his company grew, Adam quickly realized that they were missing opportunities by sticking with spreadsheets and needed something affordable to manage his prospects’ data and sales pipeline.

I used Google Sheets because it was exactly what I needed at the time but there came a point where we definitely outgrew it.

Adam GrahamOwner

It was the fact that Pipedrive was customizable that sold me on the solution. This ability to customize fields, for instance, has made a big difference on how we report and the data we are collecting. It’s enabled us to understand our conversion rates to a certain audience and where we might be more successful, so we can market differently to those people. Also, it’s notified us to where we’re less strong and that’s actually enabled new product development.

Adam GrahamOwner

The solution

As Adam looked for a CRM that had the same customizability he had with spreadsheets, he found Pipedrive and discovered that he could do much more.

Through Pipedrive’s customization features, like Custom Fields, the Gray Matters team are now able to analyze their customers and prospects in different ways, which has impacted the strategy that they use. In addition, they can look back on data to understand why they won or lost a sale.

The results

Since implementing Pipedrive, Gray Matters has seen improvement across all metrics. By providing transparency and allowing them to focus on the right opportunities, Pipedrive has increased their conversion rate from 20% to 30% in just 18 months.

Based on their own positive experience with Pipedrive, Adam and his team now recommend the solution to many of their own customers as a way to promote sticking to a long-term, fixed sales process instead of giving up too quickly.

For Gray Matters, Pipedrive has become somewhat of a “mentoring tool” for their clients, forcing them to focus on here and now instead of just the end-of-the-year figures, which many of them tend to do.

For us, the best thing is the transparency. Having that ability to see where any client or prospect is in their relationship with us. Going in, being able to see the notes and share them with different employees and freelancers. We’ve been using Pipedrive for 18 months now and are really seeing the benefits. We like it because it’s very visual, very customizable, affordable and it does what we need it to do. Being a business that helps others with their sales and business development it’s really important that we practice what we preach, and we like to put best practice in place. Just as we have seen success by having a regimented, fixed sales process, it’s also vital for the success of our customers. Having a very visual pipeline in front of you allows you to be very honest with yourself, aware of what’s in the pipeline and what’s not.

Adam GrahamOwner

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