Revenue management software

Manage subscriptions and recurring revenue

Flexibly manage one-off and repeat business with no constraints. When entering a deal in Pipedrive, choose whether your customer will pay all at once or in multiple installments. You can set the amounts, dates and frequency of payments, which will be accurately reflected in your revenue reports.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Track all revenue in one tool

Leave spreadsheets behind and flexibly manage all your revenue types and sources in Pipedrive. Working out of one tool gives you customizable revenue reports that are connected to your live sales data.

Enter recurring revenue figures just once

Forget about repeatedly entering recurring customer payment amounts. Just set it once in Pipedrive and have it automatically factor into your revenue projections for less manual work later.

Predict turnover with precision

Foresee deal, team and client revenue to report cashflow with confidence. View reports that showcase your recurring revenue and its growth over time to see how it contributes to your business.

Manage your subscription pricing

Create flexible subscription packages as unique as your customers. Sales leaders can add custom deals and prices to leads and cater to every customer requirement.

How to create predictable revenue

Generate valuable customer data and inform revenue forecasts to fuel your next investment. Pipedrive’s revenue management system (RMS) provides SaaS leaders with granular and accurate reports and expands their business intelligence.

  • 1. Focus on lead generation

    The more leads you have, the more deals you’re likely to close. Focus on developing a stellar lead generation strategy and let Pipedrive centralize the results.

    Set up workflow automations that match custom deals to leads and notify sales reps of pipeline activity. Watch prospects enter your funnel and make informed forecasts along the way.

  • 2. Share tailored sales and marketing collateral

    It’s simple: More sales emails will deliver increased revenue. Pitch the benefits of your product on a regular basis and watch the sales roll in.

    Pipedrive’s revenue management solution simplifies the cold email process. Filter lead profiles into segments and create custom outreach campaigns for each group. Send mass emails and monitor open, click-through and conversion rates.

  • 3. Have an upsell schedule in place

    The easiest way to inflate revenue is by targeting existing customers. Leverage their trust in you to promote product updates and extensions and encourage repeat purchases or subscriptions.

    Pipedrive’s key features make it simple to identify valuable customers and establish an outreach cadence. You can also create built-in upsell copy and assets for maximum efficiency.

  • 4. Create custom metric dashboards

    Optimal management begins with accurate numbers. Monitor the number of sales emails you send out alongside your lead and revenue generation. Gauge customer engagement using Pipedrive’s online channel manager. Use these findings to determine the success of your upsell and outreach efforts.

  • 5. Monitor KPIs and learn what works

    Test subject lines, visual assets, customer offers and pricing strategies until you have a solid work baseline. Keep your objectives in mind while you analyze results and tweak your sales process to stay on course.

    Pipedrive enables data-backed decisions so you can shape your business’s direction. Gather insights from custom revenue reports to direct everything from messaging to pricing recommendations for senior management.

Create recurring revenue sales dashboards

Customize and filter visual sales dashboards to track sales with ease. Use Pipedrive’s CRM revenue reporting feature to identify subscription trends and present accurate revenue analyses to the boardroom.

Fuel your demand generation efforts with customer insights

Use recurring revenue data to make profitable sales and marketing investments. Import subscription and purchase trends, reviews and customer support history, then turn them into customizable reports.

Leverage insightful customer data to plan your demand generation strategy and refine your products, plans and revenue strategy.

Amplify your hotel revenue management

Pipedrive hotel software is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers can manage check-in and check-out workflows across multiple deals and packages.

Convert website visitors into guests and delight them with customizable itineraries and bookings. Spot the most popular offerings, quickly survey occupancy and calculate revenue per available room (RevPAR).

How McKeon Group grew its annual revenue by 186%

McKeon Group’s revenue potential was limited by large quantities of low-value projects clouding high-value opportunities.

Pipedrive CRM paved the way for a separate team to deal with lucrative construction contracts and has enabled a €4 million increase in revenue over 12 months.

“Pipedrive is perfect because it provides us with all the metrics for our KPIs and the clients’ KPIs.”

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Integrate with recurring billing and accounting solutions

Recurring billing and subscriptions are supercharged by automation. The best revenue management software integrates with your favorite apps on the Pipedrive Marketplace and streamlines your accounting, forecasting and price optimization.

Stripe for Pipedrive

Sync your Stripe customer profiles to Pipedrive’s CRM. View and group invoices by contact, receive notifications when they’ve been updated and automate follow-up reminders with Pipedrive and Stripe.

Dear Lucy

Track KPIs and metrics and filter results by sales rep, department, product or segment. Take control of your sales and revenue forecasts with the Dear Lucy extension in the Pipedrive Marketplace.


Declutter your workflows and databases and quickly locate contact information. Dedupely’s match and merge algorithm purges duplicate profiles without losing customer data. Clean up your CRM today.


Spot where every bit of revenue originates from. Clean up and join existing data silos with behavioral data and empower your sales and marketing teams to repeat their successes. Install Dreamdata.


Leverage gamification to boost performance across sales, product development, management and customer support. Increase motivation, activity levels and revenue with Pipedrive’s Aspirly integration.


Create, approve and send invoices in real time directly from within Pipedrive. Forget about lengthy accounting processes and simplify your invoice creation with the Xero and Pipedrive integration.

Create predictable revenue today