Reverse email lookup

Reverse email lookup tools can tell you exactly who’s emailing you, so you can prioritize leads and tailor your outreach.

Pipedrive’s reverse email lookup services include Smart Contact Data and Prospector. With access to a unique database of 400 million profiles and 10 million companies, providing valuable insights into potential leads and saving hours of research.

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What is reverse email lookup?

Email lookup tools let you streamline your lead generation process, qualify leads and personalize outreach.

Beyond the email owner’s name, advanced reverse email search tools can reveal additional background information, including social media profiles, aliases, employer details, telephone numbers and more, helping you focus on high-value prospects likely to convert.

Email reverse lookup also helps improve email deliverability. By verifying unknown email addresses with a lookup reverse address tool, you can avoid responding to scams and fake emails or sending emails to the wrong address.

How to make your prospecting more efficient with Pipedrive

While there are standalone tools that let you reverse email lookup for free, Pipedrive offers advanced reverse email address lookup features as part of a comprehensive sales platform.

With Pipedrive, sales teams can find details about potential leads and prospects more effectively, all from one place.

  • 1. Pipeline and deals

    Add new prospects as a deal to your CRM and track them through the different stages of your pipeline.

    Pipedrive allows you to easily visualize your sales process and your prospects’ current status, so no deal gets left behind.

  • 2. Automation

    Automatically pull in additional information to your CRM. Pipedrive’s automation makes it easy to handle low-touch activities, like finding an email sender’s contact details, giving you more time to focus on high-touch tasks.

    You can also automate personalized email templates to go out based on deal stage, reaching out to your newly-discovered email contacts with relevant information tailored to them.

  • 3. Insights and reporting

    Optimize your sales process at a glance. Pipedrive uses reports and visual dashboards to provide you with actionable insights in real time.

    By making it simple to track your most important metrics and KPIs throughout the pipeline, you can identify any opportunities and obstacles and act to hit your goals.

  • 4. Email and communication tracking

    Automatically track communication and get notified whenever your emails are opened or links are clicked.

    By linking sales conversations to the deals and contacts within your CRM, you’re able to always stay up to date and send timely replies. Pipedrive also includes a variety of ready-made email templates, saving you valuable time and resources.

Use enrichment to learn more about prospects

Pipedrive helps you get a complete picture of your prospects, uncovering valuable insights to enrich basic information beyond their real name.

Smart Contact Data retrieves useful contact details from multiple sources, automatically populating your contact’s entry with key details like phone numbers, alternative email addresses, company size and social media accounts. As well as saving hours researching prospects, Smart Contact Data makes it easier to use multi-channel campaigns that reach prospects where they’re most active.

Get the latest insights from the prospect’s social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Qualify prospects and reach out with the most relevant messaging, increasing your chances of closing the deal.

Take your efforts to the next level with LeadBooster

With the LeadBooster add-on, Pipedrive customers get access to a complete suite of lead generation tools.


Prospector’s database contains over 400 million profiles and 10 million companies, making it easier to find your next dream prospect.

Create a persona for your target customer, use the filters to search the database for the best matches and then reveal their contact information, including phone, email accounts and social profiles.

With 800,000 profiles updated every day, you’ll be confident that you’re using the latest details to get in touch.

Live Chat

Not all prospects end up in your inbox. Live Chat connects you with website visitors for a more personalized service.

Reps can also use the mobile app for Live Chat, allowing them to talk with visitors wherever they are. If a prospect is interested, Pipedrive’s Scheduler sends calendar links for a demo.


Chatbot is always ready to greet and help your website visitors. Whether it’s handling lead qualification or standing in when reps aren’t available, Chatbot will make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Every aspect of Chatbot, from how it looks to the questions it asks and how it replies, can be customized so that it’s always on-brand for your business.

Web Forms

Make it easy for inbound leads to get in touch through Web Forms. Forms are easy to create and can be fully customized for your audience.

Share your form wherever you want, as a website embed or sent as a link over social networks. Details are automatically imported into your Pipedrive account to view and manage.

Automate your prospecting with our powerful integrations

Combine Pipedrive’s features with add-ons and integrations to supercharge your sales activities. By adding extra functionality to your CRM, your sales team can identify new leads, carry out an email address search, run multi-channel campaigns and more.

Here are some of the best integrations and add-ons to boost your prospecting.

Web Visitors

With Pipedrive’s Web Visitors add-on, you can reveal which organizations are visiting your site, how they found you and what they are engaging with. You can even rank your leads based on their web activity with Web Visitors.


Create multi-channel campaigns that connect with your prospects via emails, phone calls, voicemails, SMS messaging, LinkedIn and more. Import Pipedrive contacts into custom sequences with Outplay.


Optimize your prospecting with deep workflow automation. Prospects can be assigned to different sequences based on their engagement levels. Keep work moving with Pipedrive and Klenty.


Find email addresses in bulk from professional networks and databases, including LinkedIn, Crunchbase and AngelList. Import contact details directly into Pipedrive from AeroLeads.


Keep contacts synchronized across your organization. Automatically record all marketing engagement in Pipedrive, then identify the hottest leads with Outfunnel.


Import all of your prospect’s contact details from LinkedIn with just one click. Send their name, email address, phone number and organization to Pipedrive with LinkPort.

Explore more integrations to enhance your CRM software in the Pipedrive marketplace.

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