Sales team management

A well-managed sales team is happier, more profitable and your customer relationships are stronger.

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Defining a sales cycle

To track your team’s sales results and promote a better closing rate, it’s important to first define your sales cycle, and then attach accurate metrics to measure its success.

Like sales itself, sales team management is a numbers game. When you truly understand the exact activities that take a prospect through your sales cycle to become a closed deal, you can focus your team’s energy where it’s most needed.

Get your sales team focused

Imagine your sales cycle as a pipeline. At one end you drop in new leads and at the other, closed deals emerge. The pipeline is your sales cycle and contains all the steps through which you move each prospect to convert them from a lead to a customer.

Using the pipeline model, you can get your sales team to focus on activities and metrics that drive them toward improved sales results.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Track and measure key metrics

The number of deals you and your sales team are putting into your pipeline

Conversion rate – average percentage of deals that get won

The average size of each deal – critical in forecasting your company’s financial future

Sales velocity – the average length of time a lead takes to become a customer

What can be measured can be improved

It’s easy to say if you’re putting 100 prospects into your pipeline and closing 20 deals, then all we have to do is add more prospects. However, with accurate metrics and a solid understanding of your sales cycle, it’s possible to improve your closing rate without overworking your sales team.

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