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B2C CRM software

Manage large audiences, generate quality leads and create a personalized customer experience. Pipedrive’s B2C CRM solution helps you nurture clients, log buyer data and streamline internal communication.

What is a B2C CRM?

B2C customer relationship management software enables you to supercharge your outreach and lead conversion efforts. Automate your busywork, unify data sources and track critical marketing metrics from a single platform.

Generate valuable referrals

Collect feedback from your customers to understand how you can optimize your operations. Display glowing customer testimonials on your marketing channels and turn happy customers into referrals.

Supervise cash flow and adjust strategy

Your financial situation dictates many important business decisions. Obtain an aerial overview of cash flow with accounting integrations and build a strategy around your finances.

Engage customers promptly

Your existing and potential customers want to feel heard. Import communication history from social media, landing pages and web forms and empower your reps to respond to inquiries with trusted data.

Make data-backed decisions

Create custom dashboards for different sales metrics. Monitor the performance of individual products and adjust inventory and sales processes accordingly.

Streamline your workflows

Delegate tedious admin to powerful automation processes. Assign tasks to staff, schedule meetings and share important updates with a B2C CRM.

Create segments to drive marketing

It’s essential to reach your customers with the right message. A B2C CRM solution segments customers based on past communications and touchpoints. Send personalized email marketing campaigns designed to convert.

Why is a CRM important for B2C businesses?

B2C companies usually manage a much larger volume of customer interactions than B2B businesses, so may not be served by a B2B CRM. Without a competent B2C CRM software, your small business may run into lead generation and management difficulties.

Whether you’re looking to compare the efficacy of content marketing strategies or build a customer data hub, the right B2C CRM solution will help you streamline your operation.

Make lead management a breeze

It’s hard to nail down your marketing strategy and delight customers when your data is scattered across multiple departments and channels.

Pipedrive’s CRM for B2C businesses creates a hub of prospect and customer information. Log touchpoints and record communication history across departments to create a better customer support experience for leads.

Manage customers and leads with Pipedrive

Automate workflows and finances

Turn the time spent manually updating records into time spent making sales.

Pipedrive automates tedious admin, supervises your finances with accounting integrations and streamlines your inventory tracking with real-time workflows.

Discover how Pipedrive automates your workflow

Provide a stellar customer experience

Nurturing existing customers is critical to maintaining reputation and revenue.

A CRM customizes customer segments by location, buyer behavior, touchpoints and communication history. Design effective marketing strategies and send personalized emails based on consumer profiles to keep your advocates engaged.

Learn how Pipedrive nurtures customers

How does a CRM for B2C businesses work?

With the right B2C CRM system, you’re able to manage contacts and customer information, log communications from anywhere and automate time-consuming tasks.

  • Attract leads and convert them into recurring buyers
  • Capture lead information at every available touchpoint
  • Track and log the effectiveness of marketing and social media efforts
  • Create buyer personas with custom fields
  • Create automated accounting and payment workflows with integrations
  • Store valuable company data safely in the cloud
  • Send personalized messaging based on customer segments
  • Create reports with detailed analytics and insights
  • Make critical decisions based on report data
  • Build pipelines for all your workflows, communications and outreach efforts

How to set up your B2C CRM software

  • 1. Create buyer segments with custom fields
  • 2. Integrate touchpoints to your B2C CRM system
  • 3. Use dashboards to monitor individual offerings
  • 4. Follow up with related offers

Make your B2C service more efficient with integrations

Supercharge your workflows with our powerful B2C CRM solutions. Elevate your internal operations with communication and data management tools.

Here are some essential integrations for B2C companies.


Align marketing and sales, and sell smarter. Record marketing engagement (website visits, emails, forms, etc.) to your B2C CRM system and empower sales teams to strike while the iron is hot.

Never miss an opportunity with Pipedrive’s Outfunnel integration.


Manually sourcing and nurturing new leads takes a lot of time and effort. Use web forms, live chat and chatbots to automatically attract and engage prospects on multiple channels.

Enhance lead engagement with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.


Enhance your accounting department and plan your next move. Import critical financial data to your CRM and forecast cash flow, budget and sales.

Keep your finances in check with Pipedrive and Dryrun.


Avoid switching between the apps you need to run your day-to-day B2C operations. Pipedrive’s CRM for B2C businesses integrates with Zapier, connecting you with over 3,000 apps and platforms in one central hub.

Automate your workflows with Zapier and Pipedrive.


Unify your data tracking apps in one platform. Locate customer information with ease and eliminate tab switching, searching and clicking.

Obtain the ultimate customer view with Pipedrive and Glances.

Microsoft Teams

Stay on top of deals with real-time updates. Keep your sales team informed using messaging channels and schedule video calls with ease.

Empower collaboration with our Microsoft Teams integration.

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!