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Sales insight reports

Why don’t more salespeople become CEOs?

With such a small percentage of FTSE 100 CEOs boasting a background in sales, it raises the question: why aren’t there more? Sales is an integral part of any business. If a business has no one buying - it simply doesn’t exist. So it is perhaps surprising that this key specialism is not more widely shared amongst the top CEOs.

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Report on key struggles salespeople face in lead generation

The report analyzes the issues facing sales teams in getting and managing prospect leads in the sales pipeline.

Qualitative and quantitative insights indicate that while sales professionals’ top concern is prospecting, a more pressing need is for a better way to identify the most promising leads earlier in the sales process and convert them to sales more quickly.

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Scheduling inefficiency report for agencies

This report analyzes key issues on scheduling sales meetings.

Qualitative and quantitative insights indicate that deals may die just through the delay and annoyance toward meeting scheduling inefficiency.

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Insight into drivers of CRM adoption for first-time users

Research based on in-depth interviews with 260 sales professionals who are users of CRM software found that 56 percent were first-time users of CRM.

Of these first-time CRM users, 55 percent switched from using spreadsheets; 21 percent reported they had been using nothing; 16 percent were using pen or paper; and 5 percent, email.

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