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Timo Rein, one the founders of Pipedrive, learned sales the hard way, selling books door-to-door. He dominated in book sales, and spent another 10+ years in various sales roles, generating millions of dollars in sales.

We’ve distilled his knowledge into 11 lessons, which we will deliver straight to your inbox over the next two weeks.

During the free 2-week course, we are going to teach you:

A rock-solid process that generates more deals
The mindset required to get bigger deals
Sales logic that will allow you to convert at a higher rate
The ruthless efficiency required to do this with less time and energy

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Sales can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone can be a sales rockstar if they put their mind to it.

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Absolutely informative and ACTIONABLE guide in improving your sales. We are going to implement it right away for WebNamaste. Timo, you rock.
Radakrishnan K.
Founder & Director, Webnamaste
My recommendation: if you have space in your inbox, subscribe for Sales Pipeline Academy from Pipedrive
Andrey T.
Head of Marketing, Eureeca
Serious about sales? Pipeline management is key. Hit up Sales Pipeline Academy. Love your 11-step course.
Tomm S.
Strategic Account Executive,
Act-On Software
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