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The State of Sales and Marketing 2021/22:
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Download the free report to discover how sales and marketing professionals achieved success in a challenging year. For the 2023 report, check out The state of sales and marketing: The economy review 2022/23.

What’s in the report?

  • Dozens of statistics revealing how you can grow your business

  • Responses from 1,114 sales and marketing professionals, business owners and people involved in the industry

  • Data from respondents around the globe, working for startups, SMEs and large businesses

  • Three-year trends starting from our first State of Sales report

  • Charts and comments from Pipedrive’s in-house experts

Watch the video below for some of the key results. For example, a whopping 71% of respondents said their company grew more in 2021 than in 2020. Meanwhile, 73% said their company achieved or exceeded its revenue goals, illustrating how businesses are coming out of the shadow of a difficult few years.

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Key statistics from the report

71% of respondents reported company growth in 2021

Half of respondents affected by the pandemic have a hybrid work model

Tech usage has increased by almost 50% since 2020

Companies with well-integrated sales and marketing teams grew more

The past two years have changed the world. Covid-19 has impacted the meaning of work, how we live and how we interact with each other. We’ve seen the continuous and fast-paced changes forced by the virus becoming accepted as new norms and in many cases allowing new sources of growth and innovation. Accustomed to change, revenue teams have mastered the skill of adapting to these ongoing challenges.

Dominic AllonCEO, Pipedrive

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