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The State of Sales and Marketing 2023/24:
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What’s in the report?

  • The current key trends affecting sales and marketing professionals

  • The factors helping employees hit their goals and enjoy their roles

  • What sales and marketing professionals really think about AI

  • Global data from respondents working for startups, SMEs and large businesses

Key statistics from the report

Professionals who work additional hours are 10% less likely to reach their sales target.

76% of sales and marketing professionals think AI will support them. Only 8% think it will have a negative impact.

Employees who feel supported by their company are 26% more likely to hit their sales target.

Despite the strong growth potential of AI-powered technologies, building and maintaining human relationships, value-based selling, social selling, smarketing and other irreplaceable social and technical skills still shape the world of sales. The ability of sales professionals to connect, understand and respond to customer needs ensures that the sales profession remains crucial in driving business success.

Dominic AllonCEO, Pipedrive

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