Gain instant access to CloudTalk and JustCall wherever you are in Pipedrive with two new advanced integrations

Quick Access Calling Apps
Apps with quick access
Two calling apps available

Users can now access two calling and messaging apps, CloudTalk and JustCall, with a single click and keep using them while navigating around Pipedrive.

Apps with quick access

We’ve added a new “My apps” (puzzle piece) button to the top navigation bar in Pipedrive and you can access the updated calling and messaging apps from the “Apps with quick access” section.

Selecting whichever app you have integrated from this menu will open a floating window in Pipedrive, which stays open while you navigate around Pipedrive and can also be dragged around your screen.

App Panel Quick Access

The two integrations that are currently available are calling and messaging apps CloudTalk and JustCall.

If you don’t have these apps installed already, you’ll see a message with links to their install pages when you click the “My apps” puzzle piece icon in Pipedrive.

Two calling apps available

Both integrations are quick and easy to set up and access, taking just a few clicks. They offer the following features:

  • Click-to-call functionality from anywhere in Pipedrive

  • The ability to accept or make calls from anywhere in Pipedrive

  • Instant caller details, displaying contact data from Pipedrive when you get an inbound call

  • Use the apps on your desktop or mobile device

  • Enrich contacts with comments and recordings

  • Send and receive SMS from Pipedrive


CloudTalk is a next-generation business-calling software for data-driven teams. It connects businesses, teams and customers in the cloud and uses data intelligence, AI and machine learning to perfectly adapt your customer journey to the unique demands of your business.

CloudTalk allows customer support and sales teams to automate their workflows without any coding and gives managers access to built-in analytics that track performance indicators in real time and identify new opportunities for growth.

Everything tracked, recorded and synchronized – directly in the cloud.

With intuitive mobile and desktop interfaces, CloudTalk offers a comprehensive set of native features, dozens of integrations with CRMs, helpdesk solutions and other tools, as well as the call quality you need to connect faster, easier and more efficiently with your customers.

You can integrate CloudTalk with Pipedrive through our Marketplace.


JustCall is a software tool that can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of sales reps. Here are some of the benefits of the integration:

  • With its native dialer, JustCall can save your team hundreds of hours each month that would otherwise be spent on manual dialing. The dialer automatically dials every number, allowing your sales reps to be more productive and efficient.

  • By using the integration between JustCall and Pipedrive, you can monitor all interactions and important activities with every contact in your Pipedrive account. This provides you with the context of every deal, allowing you to personalize your conversations and engage with customers more effectively.

  • JustCall also automatically routes calls from Pipedrive contacts to the appropriate contact owner, ensuring that customers speak with the right team member. This improves lead response time and enhances the overall customer experience.

Integrate JustCall with Pipedrive through our Marketplace.

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