Introducing Pipedrive’s Business Card Scanner for Android

Business Card Scanner for Android
Key features
Enhanced Business Card Scanner: seamlessly capture and manage contacts

We’re thrilled to officially introduce our Business Card Scanner for Android, which will help you simplify your contact management process and elevate your networking efficiency. Instantly import new contacts by scanning business cards with your Android device and avoid manual data entry.

This innovative tool empowers professionals to effortlessly capture and organize contact information from business cards, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Key features

  • Instant contact conversion. Take a photo of a business card and the scanner instantly extracts and organizes the information into a new contact.

  • Lead generation simplified. Import individuals or organizations directly into your leads list, streamlining your sales process.

  • Accessible to all. The Business Card Scanner is available to all users, regardless of plan or user type.

Enhanced Business Card Scanner: seamlessly capture and manage contacts

Our Business Card Scanner empowers salespeople by simplifying contact management and eliminating manual data entry.

Digitizing business cards quickly and accurately saves valuable time and reduces the risk of errors, allowing sales professionals to focus on what matters: building relationships and closing deals.

Available now on Android, our team is working diligently to bring you iOS connectivity in the near future. This tool converts multiple business cards into digital contacts simultaneously, making it easier to connect with contacts after events – although you’ll get better results if you upload up to six at a time. However, we recommend scanning one card at a time for the most accurate results.

Additionally, its built-in duplicate detection system identifies potential duplicate entries, simplifying your contact list and ensuring accurate, up-to-date information for each connection.

You can access the Business Card Scanner with the Quick add button on the Focus screen > Contact scanner.

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