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Why Pipedrive Became Leni, Leon & die Luchse’s First CRM

Fast Facts

Company name: Leni, Leon & die Luchse - Kinder Privat Versichern
Industry: Health insurance for babies and children
Location: Leverkusen, Germany
Sales team size: 4 salespeople

Leni, Leon & die Luchse’s story

In Germany, just like in many other countries, it is mandatory by law to have your baby insured with private or public health insurance. Leni, Leon & die Luchse provides private health insurance for new-born babies with a bonus cash back.

With the help of tools such as Pipedrive, their workflow has been completely digitized compared to how the rest of Germany works, with paper.

Thanks to their lean workflow and processes, Leni, Leon & die Luchse has no need to charge high commissions. Now they can afford to give cash backs to their customers, which gives them a huge advantage in the market.

Using nothing

Christoph and Markus, founders and salespeople of Leni, Leon & die Luchse, literally started with nothing. They had no spreadsheets, no CRM to manage their contacts and deals, just a Google account.

Mainly, they were using Gmail and organized their leads with labels, keeping only a few notes in Google Contacts. They soon realized that this solution was not a good one and they needed a better one, fast.

“The pain hit when we realized that we had lost many potential deals/leads just because we lost sight of them.” - Christoph Hübner

Before Pipedrive, they did try using another kanban software, Asana, which was a great tool for project management but not for sales. They just didn’t find themselves using it, so they moved on. Don’t get me wrong, Asana is awesome, in fact, we just built a direct integration with them.

Then, a friend of Christoph from the Berlin Tech scene suggested Pipedrive as a sales CRM.

“I had a look, I watched some of your videos, checked out the integrations and I then I just tried it out. […] Pipedrive was logical, obvious and fun from the first moment.” - Christoph Hübner

Starting with Pipedrive

As soon as Christoph signed up for Pipedrive, he started building a pipeline to fit their sales process. They immediately started using real data, no messing around with sample data. For them, this was an extremely important step to take, it gave them a much better feeling of the platform.

At first, they realized that they had too many stages, so they decided to cut down, making their sales process even more streamlined than before. After, Christoph and Markus started playing around Pipedrive more and more, by adding custom fields, looking into integrations, and automating tedious processes.

Roughly 90% of their leads come through a signup form on their website, and this number grew by 30% after they attend a trade-show. The other 10% comes from a live-chat system on their website and phone calls. The leads from Leni, Leon & die Luchse’s website then automatically land in their Pipedrive pipeline, and they start dealing with them (see what I did there).

For Leni, Leon & die Luchse, Pipedrive excels at giving them an immediate full overview and status of a deal. No more searching for lost emails and notes!

“A customer rings up, we can immediately check this customer's profile and answer any questions they might have. We have a full overview of how big is our pipeline, what deals are coming in over the next month.” - Christoph Hübner

Integrations & API

Integrations were, at first, something that Christoph and Markus were not looking for. However, they soon realized that powerful integrations can practically perform magic.

“For the first month, we were using Pipedrive without any integration, already it was a great improvement, and a great tool that helped us to keep up to date with everything. Then I started playing around with integrations and found how mighty Pipedrive and Zapier can be with tools that we already use. To this day, I am still playing around with integrations to see if there is any other way to streamline our processes even further.” - Christoph Hübner

Pipedrive concentrates on what you do best, selling. However, with an open API, Pipedrive offers the socket for other softwares to plug in theirs, further empowering your sales process by connecting to your other tools.

Here are a few examples of Leni, Leon & die Luchse’s most used integrations;

  • WebMerge with Zapier to generate documents that they send to their clients.
  • TextMagic with Zapier to send SMS updates, which the customers absolutely love.
  • GravityForms to capture web leads, which automatically creates a deal, a person, an activity and a note with additional details in Pipedrive. They are currently considering switching to Pipedrive built-in web forms as it provides the same functionality.
  • Slack notifications are crucial, this way Christoph and Markus are always in the loop.

“Where our competitors would be using five people in an office, scanning documents, forwarding papers, and just processing paper. [...] There are only two of us with the Pipedrive app on our mobile phones and integrations.” - Christoph Hübner

Pipedrive Highlights

“Thanks to Pipedrive, our sales process has improved from a 2 out of 10 to a 9.2 out of 10!” - Christoph Hübner

Pipedrive makes sure that you are on top of every past action of a deal/lead. You can check the entire history of a deal/lead easily from the details view.

Immensely improve sales processes with tools such as full two-way email synchronization. Not only will you be able to send and view emails directly in Pipedrive, but also you can track who opens and clicks on them. Not to mention, email templates save a heap of time.

Expand Pipedrive by connecting seamlessly to other tools, such as Asana and Slack, with our new Marketplace, which can be found under Settings > Apps & integrations.

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