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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: February 2020

Integrating your CRM with an app can save you time, prevent you from missing opportunities and help you grow your business. To start with, why not try automating your sales process with any of the great integrations available on the Pipedrive Marketplace?

This month, we showcase new apps that enable you to effortless draft and send proposals, build targeted campaigns, generate and route leads, motivate your sales team and keep your contacts engaged.

  1. Click2Contract
  2. Hubsell
  3. RouterJet
  4. SalesBenefits
  5. SmartReach.io

1. Click2Contract

Click2Contract simplifies the document handling process for salespeople. With Click2Contract, you can select your proposal’s content from a dropdown menu, and if you’re a Pipedrive user customer details are automatically imported from Pipedrive to a proposal. The tool enables you to do everything from drafting a proposal to archiving a contract in a few clicks.

Your proposals and sales contracts are visualized for customers on a dynamic web page, and they can receive them as soon as they are ready. After sending out the proposal, you’ll also be informed about customer activity, enabling you to take follow-up actions at the right time.

You can also add legal terms automatically to every proposal and your customers can accept the proposals with a simple e-signature that complies with EU and US standards.

Find Click2Contract in the Pipedrive Marketplace to try it for yourself.


2. Hubsell

Hubsell is a sales automation platform that provides on-demand generated contacts, multi-channel cold-outreach and closed loop sync with Pipedrive.

Here’s what you get:

  • Identify all relevant companies in your chosen markets (all on-demand, non-reselling lists from databases)
  • Identify and source all relevant contacts in those applicable companies
  • Build targeted outreach campaigns across channels (email, social, phone) to engage prospects and start conversations

Here’s how Hubsell does it:

You provide Hubsell with descriptions of companies in your target markets using Hubsell’s criteria, including industries, geographies, company size, roles, tenure, function and more.

Based on your criteria, Hubsell’s teams use proprietary software to collect, structure, enrich, quality-check and deliver the contacts to you. All the contacts generated are automatically synced with Pipedrive.

Head to the Pipedrive Marketplace and see if Hubsell will work for you.


3. RouterJet

If you’ve got a sales team who are contacting leads generated from your website and Facebook/Google ads, or you’re buying leads from a broker, RouterJet may be the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick overview of what RouterJet can do:

  • Round Robin: lead distribution to help you spread the workload evenly between your team, or give the best reps the most responsibility.
  • Email Lead Alerts: Alerts agents of new Deals via Email. Email alerts are snoozed when agents are offline so they won’t get woken up by early morning email alerts.
  • SMS Lead Alerts: Alerts agents of new Deals via SMS for a quicker response.
  • Lead Escalation: If the new Deal owner doesn’t follow up after 14 minutes, RouterJet will escalate the Deal until it finds someone on your team who can respond immediately.
  • Work-hours: Set work hours for each team member. If someone calls in sick you can take them off the roster with just one click.
  • Custom Routing Rules: RouterJet can assign Deals to sales reps based on your own custom rules using Deal fields.
  • Lead Response Reporting: Measure your team on their lead response times and conversion rates to help improve training.

RouterJet takes only minutes to set up, so it’s worth taking it for a test-drive here in the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Salesbenefits Screenshot

4. SalesBenefits

SalesBenefits calculates your company sales commissions in real time and shares them with your sales team.

With SalesBenefits your sales team can track how their commissions are being calculated and see how that translates to their activities. This could even encourage them to be more accurate while entering their CRM data because they can then see how it’s being used for their compensation.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started with SalesBenefits and the system is built in such a way that you can create your own commission structures in the software

The best way to get started is to take advantage of the free trial after installing SalesBenefits from the Marketplace.

Smartreach gif

5. SmartReach.io

SmartReach.io is an email and follow-up automation platform that enables users to send personalized emails at scale, automate follow-ups, track email engagement and create automated workflows based on prospect engagement.

SmartReach.io is designed specifically for email deliverability. The tool uses advanced algorithms for sending emails, email warm-ups, built-in email validations and spam test reports to help identify problems with your emails.

By combining Pipedrive with SmartReach.io, your team members can

  • Send email sequences with auto follow-ups to your Pipedrive contacts.
  • Keep your contacts and engagement data (email opens, clicks, replies, etc.) synced between SmartReach.io and Pipedrive
  • Create workflows in SmartReach.io that can help you move through deal stages in Pipedrive based on prospect activity
  • Select specific contacts in Pipedrive and add/remove those contacts from SmartReach.io campaigns within Pipedrive (with the app extension)

For more app integrations visit the Pipedrive Marketplace, or read last month’s Marketplace app spotlight.

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