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How Pipedrive and Livestorm Helped MediaVision Transform Their Lead Generation Strategy

MediaVision used to rely on word of mouth and networking to win new business, but recently realized they needed to find new ways to generate leads to match their ambitious growth plans. Livestorm, Pipedrive and, in particular, the LeadBooster and Web Visitors add-ons have helped the company to revitalize their lead generation strategy.

  • MediaVision upgraded from Advanced to Professional to fuel their growth plans
  • The company uses Web Visitors and Prospector combined to identify and nurture leads
  • MediaVision has increased new lead creation by 30%

Digital performance marketing agency MediaVision helps their clients build up their digital market share, developing programs to build awareness and visibility online so their clients can sell more products and services.

“We’re a fully integrated business, so we work across all digital channels: SEO, paid-for media, content marketing and results optimization, serving the different campaign needs of our clients,” explains Managing Partner Adam Freeman.

The company is also very technology-minded: “We have some unique technology that allows us to look at live demand for both a brand and product category on Google four times quicker than other publicly available tools. Also, we have an automation platform that allows us to combine different data sets to make paid search bid-management more efficient and effective in real time.”

So, when it became clear that MediaVision needed to look to more channels for new business, Adam and the team knew they needed to find the right technology.

How MediaVision were using Pipedrive

Adam joined MediaVision earlier this year, having used Pipedrive at previous companies. He discovered that MediaVision wasn’t using Pipedrive as effectively as they could and, before updating the company’s lead generation strategy, he needed to sort out the data and add more powerful automations.

One of the first things that Adam did was upgrade MediaVision’s tier from Advanced to Professional so that they could add more workflow automations (Advanced allows for 30, while Professional allows for 60).

“I identified next steps and turned those into reminders and actions,” says Adam. “I connected Pipedrive up to our email tools and calendars so it was automatically tracking things, and using the tools to set next actions in and around our sales pipeline.

“They just didn’t really understand the benefits of more automation and some of the reporting tools that are now in Professional. As we scale up and need to gather more information.”

“The change in our use of Pipedrive is connected to our more ambitious growth plan, essentially.”

The importance of LeadBooster and Web Visitors

Adam also mentioned the LeadBooster and Web Visitors add-ons as tools that have become integral to their growth plans—and they’re yet to use all the features of LeadBooster.

“LeadBooster and Web Visitors cover most of the things we were thinking of at the time, in the sense that we needed a flexible tool to allow us to do different campaigns and collect data. At the moment we’re migrating to a new website, then we’ll turn on things like Live Chat and Chatbot.”

“We’re using Web Visitors as a tool every day to look at what’s happened on the site itself and connecting with Prospector when we’re trying to work out who the visitors are.”

When they find a high-quality lead in Web Visitors and Prospector, Adam and the MediaVision team first add it to Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox.

“If we see a web visitor that looks interesting we’ll add that as a lead, or if we’re pro-actively targeting an organization ourselves our Admin will go in and create the lead and assign it to someone, and the sales team will go in and look at that company and try and connect with them properly.”

MediaVision is also using Insights and Web Visitors’ reporting features to track how many people are landing on their site and what percentage are entering their pipeline as leads.

“We’ve got growth metrics around, for example, visitors to our website, how many companies we’ve had and who they are and how many are new companies,” says Adam. “So that’s been very helpful to see.”

Lead generation with Livestorm webinars

MediaVision is also using a number of other Pipedrive features and integrations including video conferencing software Livestorm, which you can integrate with Pipedrive through our Marketplace, to generate new leads.

“We’ve just started using webinars as a tool to build a contact base and content, and I’ve got that linked so new leads drop into the pipeline based on the fact they attended a webinar.”

As MediaVision’s story shows, there’s not just one feature or tool you need to grow your business. However, thanks to the fact that it’s easy to find the right Pipedrive tier for you, as well as Pipedrive’s add-ons and dozens of integrations (including with Livestorm) to fill the gaps, it’s definitely a great place to start.

To find out how Pipedrive, LeadBooster and Web Visitors can help you, or even if you’re a Pipedrive customer and want to work out whether it’s worth upgrading your plan, click on the relevant links below.

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