Scheduler - Say Goodbye to the Back-and-Forth

Scheduling Tool and Appointment Calendar

In sales, too many of us spend a good deal of our day with the back-and-forth exchange of emails or texts to schedule a "good time to talk."

At times it may even feel like you put more effort into finding the right time to talk than actually talking.

As a modern-day salesperson, you can work smarter and save yourself a lot of time by taking advantage of scheduling tools that manage all your appointments on one unified calendar.

How Does Pipedrive's Scheduler Work?

  • Pipedrive's Scheduler will allow you to define your day or week’s availability in advance. You’ll be able to create a recurring event or one single event and manage all types of appointments on an fully integrational calendar. While you’re outlining your availability, you’ll also have a clear view of any activities that have already been scheduled so you’ll avoid any conflicts. Be sure to use the note area if you’d like to include any descriptions, contact information, or URL links to a video call.
  • After you’ve completed defining your availability, the customer can view what time slots are available via a public URL link Pipedrive provides you. From there, your contact can book a time that works for the both of you.
  • Once the customer has selected a time slot, an activity connected to the contact will be created in Pipedrive. If the contact’s provided email address doesn’t match any contacts in Pipedrive, it will create a new contact and associate the activity with it.
    When a time slot is booked, the new activity will be seen in your usual activities view.
  • A confirmation email will be sent by Pipedrive to yourself and the customer, confirming the time slot that’s been selected.
  • Lastly, you can also observe a list of who has booked your time in the scheduling dashboard itself.

Share Your Calendar and Weekly Availability

By creating a “recurring event”, you can outline your availability for the entire week (or longer), and be able to share it with one convenient URL link - which you can also include in your email signature to save even more time.

If your schedule ever changes, our tool makes it’s easy to edit your recurring event at any time to adjust your availability for appointments. The same URL link will be instantly updated whenever you make changes to the schedule.

Note: You can select a “start” and “end” date of your recurring event and make it just about any duration you’d like, but the customer will only be able to see and select from the next 2 months at a time.

How do I get started?

Pipedrive’s Scheduler is already available to you in your Activity views where you'll find the "Propose times" option, or you can access your scheduling dashboard in your Settings.

So, if you’re ready to save yourself and your client a lot of time, you can begin creating your first event here.

Scheduler - Say Goodbye to the Back-and-Forth | Pipedrive
Scheduler - Say Goodbye to the Back-and-Forth