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Pipedrive’s Scheduling Tool Takes the Hassle out of Booking Meetings

How Pipedrive's new Scheduler works
Try out the new Scheduler today
How to improve the rest of your sales communications

This article was published on March, 5, 2019. Product descriptions were correct at the time of publishing.

Have you ever gone back and forth for days with a contact, struggling to find that elusive time when you’re both available?

Even worse, have you ever opened up your calendar only for two different contacts to choose the exact same slot?

Back-and-forth emails to find a meeting time could be the friction that costs you a deal. Worse still, if you have to ask to reschedule because you’ve realized you’re double booked, you risk frustrating a potential customer. After all, your prospects and leads expect you to handle simple administrative tasks.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could quickly set up your calendar to show your availability as recurring time blocks or in one-off time slots?

And wouldn’t it just be ideal if you could share your availability online with anyone via a simple link, allowing potential clients to pick a time that suits them and you?

The irritation of manually planning meetings, and the precious hours lost as a result, are a serious problem for the majority of Pipedrive users. According to recent customer research:

  • 68% of Pipedrive customers say that the back-and-forth hassle of finding meeting times is complicated
  • 71% of Pipedrive customers sometimes or often need three or more touches to get a meeting scheduled

Our Product Team has been working intently to help you solve this scheduling issue.

The result: a new and improved Pipedrive Scheduler.

How Pipedrive's new Scheduler works

Automate the meeting scheduling process with Pipedrive’s updated feature.

You can now propose a time to your clients in two simple ways:

  • Set and share regular availability time slots
  • Allocate and send specific, one-off time proposals

Share your availability with a simple link

  • Set your availability for recurring meeting types by choosing your preferred meeting length and the times and days you’re free
  • Add a note, links or any extra fields for the recipient to fill out
  • Once defined, your availability is saved as a template with its own shareable link
  • Email the link to your contacts and invite them to book a suitable time
  • Your contact receives your availability and selects a time that suits you both
  • Once scheduled, a confirmation email is sent to both of you
  • Your newly scheduled meeting is automatically updated in your calendar
  • The booked slots are removed for anyone else who receives your invite link

If an opportunity comes up on short notice, Scheduler lets you quickly pick and share some available times outside your usual schedule—all while you’re writing the proposal email. This makes Scheduler a time-saving gem for sales pros with a regular routine.

Where to find Scheduler in Pipedrive:

Finding Scheduler in the app is easy, you’ll just need to hit the Propose times button when writing a new email or you can also find it under Activities.

Try out the new Scheduler today

Ready to get smarter with your scheduling?

Pipedrive’s Scheduler is now available on our Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans.

If you are a Professional or Enterprise customer, you can access the full version of our new and improved Scheduler.

And if you’re on the Advanced plan, you can access a partial version!

If you’re already a Pipedrive customer make sure you check out the detailed setup walkthrough in our Support Center.

Not a customer? You can sign up for a free 14-day Pipedrive trial today.

Want to customize the way you manage contacts in your CRM?
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How to improve the rest of your sales communications

Once you’ve simplified your meeting scheduling process, how can you make sure that you continue to impress when you meet your prospects face to face?

The secret is in perfecting the conversation. First, make sure you do your research; know what your customer is likely to ask about your product based on what their company will want from it. Focus on the value of your offering, not the price.

Find more tips on how you can use your knowledge of cognitive biases to stay in control of your conversation in our downloadable Sales Communication Handbook.

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