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How Sendify Uses Customized Pipelines to Improve Results

Fast Facts

Company name: Sendify
Industry: Logistics
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Company size: 15 (4 salespeople)

Sendify’s story

Sendify is a digital freight forwarder, whose combination of a freight network and a user friendly transport management system smoothens their customers’ logistics. They allow new customers to ship worldwide like a pro within minutes of signing up with their competitive shipping rates. Furthermore, their system is stacked with tools that transform logistics into a competitive advantage.

The hunt for a sales CRM

Before using Pipedrive, Sendify previously handled all their sales activities in Hubspot CRM. After starting an incubator project and reviewing their current sales process, they identified the need of several improvements, one of them being a better sales CRM.

They realized that a sales CRM focused on sales management was crucial in order to keep track of their sales work. They needed an upgrade quick. One which would provide them with better insights, more pipelines, and an improved sales inbox, which then could be analyzed to constantly improve sales - they tried Pipedrive and never looked back.

Unearthing true treasure

The first thing Sendify did when joining Pipedrive was set up multiple pipelines, which only takes 2 minutes to do, each tailor-made to suit their different sales approaches; inbound and outbound sales. With each pipeline structured depending on the sales approach, they were able to gather more results and insights to which approach performed better, and then improve on top of that.

One of the biggest differences is that we have more pipelines, customized to each purpose. This provides us with much better insights and furthermore, contributing to a powerful overview of how our different sales channels are doing in terms of results.

Fredrik EdelandCEO, Sendify

With a big flow of inbound signups, it was essential to be able to integrate their sales CRM with their marketing automation tool, Drip. Pipedrive allows Fredrik and his team to connect the two softwares seamlessly via the Pipedrive Marketplace. Furthermore, all these conversations are automatically tracked within their Pipedrive contacts and deals.

With Pipedrive, we get a CRM that is worth every dollar compared to the value it gives us.

Fredrik EdelandCEO, Sendify

A streamlined sales inbox

The sales inbox allows you to send and view all your email conversations directly in Pipedrive. That means no more switching between tabs to check your emails. It automatically links emails to your contacts and deals, which gives you full visibility from any details view. Now you can track exactly who opens and who clicks on your emails. It also allows you and your team to save time by using email templates. It is packed with features to help enhance sales performance.

Sendify’s sales team uses the Pipedrive sales inbox not only to keep track of past conversations with customers and potential customers as they move through various pipelines, but also to track who opens and who clicks on emails, giving them a clear understanding of how to optimize their sales process.

“It provides us with a better understanding and what trigger we should push to convert potential customers.” - Fredrik Edeland.

It provides us with a better understanding and what trigger we should push to convert potential customers.

Fredrik EdelandCEO, Sendify

Pipedrive highlights

Intuitive and simple. A priceworthy Sales CRM that definitely will satisfy your needs.

Fredrik EdelandCEO, Sendify

Pipedrive plan is crammed with features to help you and your team optimize sales, here are only some of the highlights:

1. Smart contact data - Learn valuable information about your leads at the click of a button.

2. Email tracking - Track when a prospect opens your email or clicks on any link you've sent them.

3. Scheduler - The Scheduler lets you share your availability so prospects can book a time that works for both of you.

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