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Sales reporting software

Simply effective sales insights and reports

Understand the reasoning behind your data and results. Why is one team member about to break a sales record while another can’t get a deal past the second stage of the pipeline? Are you on course to hit your yearly target, or do you need to make a drastic correction to your sales process? Our Insights feature reveals it all.

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Get deeper insight with visual reports

You know that insights can improve your sales numbers, but building reports in spreadsheets is time-consuming. Pipedrive’s Insights feature gives you instant access to compact tables and beautiful charts that show you how your team is performing.

Understand pipeline metrics with customizable reports

Stop spending time digging for the most relevant insights. Applying custom filters to any Insights report ensures you see the data you need to identify and share the revenue drivers unique to your business.

Customize your dashboards

Teams need fast, intelligible analytics to master the sales metrics that matter. Create, customize and filter visual sales dashboards to track personal and team goals with ease. Uncover winning patterns and areas for support to accelerate progress.

How can reporting software help sales managers?

Individual rep dashboards

Pipedrive’s visualized dashboards give sales reps a real-time overview of their performance, allowing managers to help them identify areas for improvement and monitor their progress over time.

Actionable deal reports

Sales reporting software allows managers to track deals from initial contact all the way to closure. Identify trends among clients, open new sales opportunities and patch holes in your processes.

Team reporting

Sales managers can measure their reps’ output against goals and KPIs and tweak operations accordingly. Managers can use performance insights to offer assistance and increased responsibility.

Customizable reports

See active deals, evaluate average deal ages and use custom filters to find the data you need. Managers can easily monitor win and lose rates and share interactive CRM reports with stakeholders.

Revenue forecasting

Detailed deal forecasting helps you accurately predict incoming revenue. Analyze deal stages, spot large sources of income with ease, inform your next move and give your accountants a heads-up.

Synchronized data

Forget about enormous, scattered spreadsheets. Your data-rich insights are stored and available in the cloud for your team to access. Quickly share data with clients using focused CRM reporting tools.

Get complete visibility over your sales pipeline

Deal forecasting

Accurate sales and revenue forecasting is crucial to leaders looking to impress stakeholders. By establishing and hitting revenue targets, your business gains credibility and bolsters investor trust.

Analyze past trends and closely study deal performances, busy sales periods and other crucial variables. Use these indicators to lay the foundations of your strategy and sharpen business decision making with your sales reporting software.

Sales activity

Your business relies on effective sales processes. To build a winning strategy, you need complete visibility over sales activities. Assign tasks, track communications, troubleshoot issues and more.

Increase output with sales activity tracking. Dashboards and custom reports allow managers to gauge overall and individual performance, identify opportunities for support, test new strategies and build on successes.

Insights at your fingertips with custom sales dashboards

Busy spreadsheets can be a nightmare to navigate when you need quick access to relevant data on a sales call. Reps can spend time searching for information while the customer experience suffers and the deal goes cold.

Pipedrive’s insights and reporting features help you cut through the noise to streamline your sales data management. Customized sales reports, interactive dashboards and company-wide goals give your leaders an aerial view of sales performance, making it easy to share updates with stakeholders.

Identify your KPIs

While revenue is an obvious KPI for sales managers, it is not the only indicator to watch. Pipedrive’s sales dashboards provide granular reporting on key metrics, such as deals closed per month, the average deal size and your conversion rate.

Measure sales activity

With Pipedrive, you can measure effort against sales quotas. Monitor lead response times, emails sent and calls made. Refine your processes to get the best value for money.

Team performance KPIs

Align your sales reps with common goals. Dashboards deliver collaborative sales analytics, like the average time spent selling, the number of leads generated in a given period and the number of leads converted.

How Big Dog Solar sharpened their sales techniques with Pipedrive

Big Dog Solar wanted to perform a sales and marketing audit. With a lot of touchpoints to draw data from, it was shaping up to be a mammoth task.

Pipedrive’s insights and deal management software made this process a breeze. The team was able to identify and patch bottlenecks which led to 40% growth.

“Pipedrive has been the keystone because it’s enabled us to keep track of everything from visibility and management, as well as add the reps and keep track of their prospects a little better.”

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