Sales insights and reports

Simply effective sales insights and reports

Understand the reasoning behind your data and results. Why is one team member about to break a sales record while another can’t get a deal past the second stage of the pipeline? Are you on course to hit your yearly target, or do you need to make a drastic correction to your sales process? Our reporting reveals it all.

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Deeper insight with visual reports

Our sales reports show you compact tables and beautiful charts that allow you to understand with clarity how your team is performing. Use Pipedrive’s reporting to compare individual results and identify opportunities for improvement, mastering statistics such as conversion rates.

Understand pipeline metrics with customizable reports

See the number of new deals added, average age of deals, number of open deals and stage-to-stage conversion for all of your deals in any time period. Applying custom filters to any report ensures you see the data you need.

Customize your dashboards

Master the metrics that matter. Create, customize and filter visual sales dashboards to track goals with ease. Master conversion, team performance and uncover winning patterns to accelerate progress on time.

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