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Share automations with team members or transfer ownership

Share Automations
Share automations
Transfer automations

Setting up automations for your team just got easier! Global admins can now share automations with other users in their company’s Pipedrive account or transfer an automation’s ownership.

Share Automations calendar

Share automations

Global admins can now effortlessly share the automations they create with other users of their Pipedrive account. This feature can be handy if not all team members are experienced or tech-savvy.

Shared automations also adapt to every user. For example:

  • If a user triggers a shared automation that sends an email from Pipedrive, their data (i.e., their email address and signature) will be used

  • If one step in a shared automation sends a notification to Slack, the person who triggers it will be the recipient or the sender of the notification, depending on the configuration

Global admins can share automations with all other users in their company account. Users without automation permissions will only see automations shared with them.

Global admins can also see the full execution history of shared automations, while other admins and regular users can only see the information related to executions they own.

Transfer Automations

Transfer automations

In addition, global admins can now transfer automations from any user if the previous automation owner leaves the company, takes extended leave or changes role.

Regular users with permission to create their own Automations workflows can transfer automations only to global admins. To transfer their automation to another user, they must first send it to a global admin.

Companies with Automations on their account can start sharing and transferring automation flows today. If you’re new to Pipedrive, check out our pricing page for more information.

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