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How Visionair Media Switched to a New CRM Solution that Cost Them a Fraction of the Price

  • Switching to Pipedrive is saving Visionair Media hundreds of dollars a month
  • With the integrations available, the team still has all the functionality they had before
  • The sales pipeline dashboard is helping Jim engage leads and boost his sales

Like many businesses, content creation company Visionair Media were hit hard by the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were unable to provide any service to customers. Director of Photography Jim Moustakas found ways to cut costs and keep his business going, which included finding a new CRM, as Hubspot was too expensive. After trying a few of the leading solutions, Jim chose Pipedrive, which is saving him hundreds of dollars a month.

Sydney-based Visionair Media is a video production and content creation company that provides video and photography solutions to B2B customers, with contracts ranging from AUS$500 to AUS$250,000. They’ve also recently started offering marketing and distribution services as key service offerings.

Many of their services—such as corporate event photography, product shoots and producing TV commercials—require onsite presence and close contact, which meant that when Australia went into lockdown their business dried up.

“When COVID hit, it really impacted the business,” says Jim. “We pretty much lost all work. As I was doing nothing for a couple of months, I started cutting costs wherever possible.

Jim reacted quickly, finding ways to cut costs and taking full advantage of the government’s business grants. As well as moving offices, cutting down their vehicle fleet, cutting on marketing spend and changing high-speed internet supplier, amongst some of the changes made, Jim realized that changing his sales tools could help the company stay afloat.

Finding a better value CRM solution

The company’s CRM solution, Hubspot, was costing them AUS$16,000 a year. Initially, they moved Jim onto a lower plan which cost AUS$500 a month, however, it meant Jim was unable to carry out a lot of his vital sales activities.

“They cut out all the functionality, even simple email functionality. Hubspot became a really basic CRM, with very basic automation processes and very basic email processes. I thought ‘no, this is too much, for so little.’ I realized I could go and get this and more somewhere else, and I’d be paying a quarter of the price.”

“I started trying out different CRMs: Freshsales, Zoho, Ontraport, Nimble and finally Pipedrive. I stopped and stuck to it. The reason why: I found that all the other ones, although some were great and some were OK, I did find many flaws; lots of functionality but lots of problems, with features half-finished.

“Some also automatically start charging you after so long. There were all these sales tactics that were there to get people signed up and then they weren’t as advertised, with features that weren’t working properly or developed well and incomplete functionality.

“The issue I found with everybody except Pipedrive was support. With Pipedrive I found that the support is still fairly quick, even during Australian hours. They go out of their way to help you, that’s one of the things I like about Pipedrive. I want to speak to someone straight away, not wait for someone two days for something that will take two seconds to fix.”

Easy to make the switch

Jim tried migrating data from Hubspot to other CRM providers, but after finding that a lot of the data was missing and spending hours on support calls, he gave up.

He had a completely different experience with Pipedrive.

“Pipedrive has done a fantastic job at making sure the migration process is streamlined.”

When he started using Pipedrive, Jim also found other benefits. He even discovered that he got what Hubspot offered at a fraction of the price.

“Yes, Hubspot has so much to offer, but the price tag you pay is very high and this was too much for us to bare during such difficult times. I quickly found that all we need to do is get a package like Pipedrive and then combine it with Autopilot, Mailigen or something like that, and we had a system that does everything that Hubspot did for our business and more—at a fraction of the cost.”

A new way to track sales is increasing revenue

Although Visionair Media is only back to serving around 50% of the customers it had before lockdown, the four-strong team using Pipedrive are already finding ways to use Pipedrive to improve their sales process and increase their revenue.

For example, Jim admits to being hesitant at first to use Pipedrive’s Deals view, as he was unfamiliar with the Kanban format, but after integrating Proposify (which is available in the Pipedrive Marketplace, as is marketing automation tool Autopilot), he found that all his open, pending, won and lost deals got populated automatically into Pipedrive. After that, he started looking into it and realized how it was operating and how it worked.

Now he uses the Deals view as his sales funnel.

“The function that I really like about Pipedrive is the sales funnel, which integrates well with deals. It’s the first time I used a sales funnel and, as a result, I’ve changed my process.

“I constantly have it open and I’m always using it. I can see what stage I’m at with everybody I’m speaking to at the moment, I’m communicating with people more. It’s only been a short time, but I can see that it’s making a difference with how people interact and react to our sales process.”

“I’m 70% confident that my sales numbers will go up because of the funnel process that Pipedrive has.”

Discovering Pipedrive’s other powerful features

Jim is also benefiting from some of Pipedrive’s other features, which are even helping him become a better salesperson.

“The part I really like is the integration with my calendar and the functionality where I’m speaking to someone, and when I make a note it automatically comes up with a prompt to do the next task, to follow up or do whatever I need to do.

“I’ve also been using the click to call feature and recording conversations to listen to myself and try to change the way to speak to people, tweaking my sales technique.”

Although it took Jim a while to find the right CRM solution to cut costs without a drop in quality, once he tried Pipedrive he was set up on the platform within hours and improving his sales process within days. As business slowly picks up, Jim is confident that Pipedrive will not only save him hundreds of dollars, it will also help him convert more leads to deals and drive more revenue.

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