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How Belkins is doubling their sales efforts every year

Trusted B2B lead generation and appointment-scheduling agency Belkins offers a comprehensive range of sales and business development processes.

  • Industry: Consulting/SaaS
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Key feature: Automations

By integrating Pipedrive, Belkins was able to double their sales efforts every year.


Sales revenue Belkins made in 6 months with Pipedrive


Minutes to create an email, versus 15 minutes before Pipedrive


Number of hours Belkins is saving a week with Pipedrive

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges Belkins’ business development team had was keeping their pipelines clean and their data accurate. This got more difficult as they added more data and deals to their pipeline.

As deals can progress over several months, Belkins’ business development team are usually having to manage upwards of 500 deals at any given time. Belkins’ lead engagement strategy adds another layer of complexity.

The team at Belkins found Salesforce too difficult for new users and HubSpot prohibitively expensive. While a Chrome extension for Gmail allowed users to create a CRM inside their email accounts, it became too much when they started aggregating thousands of rows of data.

On average, our business development team schedules 100 new calls every month, which translates into 70-80 new deals being added to the pipeline. One of the specific challenges of our business is that we use multiple mailboxes, hundreds of them. The CRMs we were using before Pipedrive didn’t allow us to aggregate and track email correspondences without increasing the number of seats.

Dmitry ChervonyiCMO at Belkins

With Pipedrive, we are able to integrate hundreds of mailboxes just in one click and without the high price tag. We are able to support our sales growth in a meticulous and structured way by operating our pipelines in Pipedrive. That’s why we are growing our sales every month and not losing money by missing out on existing opportunities. With the task management system of Pipedrive, we were able to follow-up and set up a new task on a pipeline without drilling into each deal, saving an hour on average for every salesperson. We have 10 sales reps saving five hours per week managing pipelines, which results in 50 hours per week saved for the entire sales team.

Dmitry ChervonyiCMO at Belkins

The solution

Since integrating Pipedrive, Belkins has been able to save money and make money. In the first six months of using Pipedrive, Belkins made the same amount of revenue in new sales as the 12 months before.

The sales team, meanwhile, is also saving time on Pipedrive. They have cut the time it takes to create follow-up emails from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. Now, they are saving more than 50 hours every week thanks to Pipedrive’s task creation and follow-up features.

The results

Pipedrive ultimately helps Belkins structure their sales operation in a way that’s easy to follow, fast and helps keep their pipeline intact.

Automation has been one of the biggest benefits for Belkins as they have aggregated all their data and then transformed that data to an actionable instrument.

There are so many channels now for generating leads. Automation tools have taken a huge part of the sales process, so the modern salesperson can struggle to focus on the right ones or get lost in the middle. With the help of Pipedrive, we’ve been able to build a sales team that follows up with every prospect in a timely fashion, never misses any emails and can easily identify and scale any and every opportunity. I also believe it to be the best solution for outbound sales.

Dmitry ChervonyiCMO at Belkins

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