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How Bikeep boosts environmental and financial sustainability with Pipedrive

Estonian company Bikeep has helped cities in over 30 countries build smart bicycle and electric scooter infrastructure, improving sustainability and security for thousands of cyclists and commuters. The company also helps businesses supply their employees with bicycles as an alternative way to commute.

Kristjan Lind, CEO at Bikeep said: As a business, we support each employee’s bike purchase with €300 and are running bike-to-work schemes where we pay everyone who arrives on a bike €5 per trip.”

  • Industry: Sustainable Transportation
  • Location: Estonia
  • Key feature: Forecasting
Pipedrive Bikeep Case Study


Countries now have a Bikeep smart bicycle infrastructure


Bike parking spots are provided across those cities


Sessions a year when Bikeep’s infrastructure safeguards a bicycle

Bikeep App

How Bikeep promotes sustainability

Bikeep’s products combine sustainability with good economic sense. Each customer the company acquires starts using eco-friendly transport and helps fund Bikeep’s activities to reach more customers. Bikeep’s work is making the world a greener place.

We practice what we preach. The biggest sustainability effect of Bikeep has come from nudging people towards cycling and e-scooters. This also has the impact of making the world’s cities more cycling-friendly.

Kristjan LindCEO, Bikeep

How Pipedrive supports Bikeep

Thanks to Pipedrive, Bikeep can keep customers engaged throughout the process. By integrating Pipedrive with the company’s email platform, the team has visibility into the conversations sales reps have with prospects and can then suggest the best solutions for them to become customers.

The team uses the forecasting feature to prioritize deals, meeting regularly to identify the best deals to target. When Bikeep wins a deal, a custom notification gong goes off and Pink Floyd’s “Money” starts playing in the office.

Pipedrive enables us to stay in touch with customers and the ease of use is what really counts. As we’ve been avid users for more than seven years now, we know that without Pipedrive some of our deals would have fallen through the cracks, and certain locations would be without safe bike parking options.

Kristjan LindCEO, Bikeep

Bikeep bike parking station

Bikeep’s advice to small businesses that want to be sustainable

Bikeep’s CEO, Kristjan Lind believes that every company can make a difference, but recommends combining a focus on sustainability with a business model that enables you to grow. And he should know – 98% of Bikeep’s users have given their sessions a 5-star rating!

For us, sustainability is the product we sell: enabling sustainable commuting in a city. Over recent years, more and more people have realized that sustainability is not just a fashionable thing but an actual necessity. So, my advice is that the need for sustainable solutions will grow and people are willing to pay as long as you bring tangible results.
Find a way to build a business around it. The only way we make any change happen is if it also makes economic sense. There’s a great opportunity to build businesses around sustainability, for anyone.

Kristjan LindCEO, Bikeep

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