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How Blulinc’s project management team has reclaimed 30% of their time

Mobility service provider (EMSP) and charge point operator (CPO) Blulinc installs and manages charging stations for companies and municipal facilities and provides a white label solution other companies can use to become an EMSP, CPO or both.

The company offers its customers and partners solutions and tools they can use to implement the projects far quicker than the industry average, setting them apart from the competition.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Belgium
  • Key feature/Add-on: Projects
BluLinc case Study


The time project management reps have saved

2 weeks

Blulinc can install charging stations in half the time its competitors take


Three of Cihan’s businesses use Pipedrive CRM

The challenge Blulinc faced

Blulinc used Pipedrive’s CRM for over a year and a half to manage its projects, but the team found that juggling information between deals and project pipelines on the same tool was slowing them down.

In order to complete installation projects in half the time Blulinc’s competitors take, Cihan realized his team needed a dedicated solution, separate from the deals pipeline, to manage projects.

There’s a lot of competition, but in Pipedrive we have a tool that enables us to be hands-on if there are any issues. We don’t have delays and everyone has all the data when they need it. Pipedrive gives us the ability to be hands-on.
This is a huge benefit to us in the backend, as well as for our customers, as it’s important that we can deliver these projects quickly, but that we still have a good overview.

Cihan KrandaFounder, Blulinc

Blulinc Banner

How Pipedrive provided the project management tools Blulinc needed

When Pipedrive released Projects, Blulinc was one of the first companies to implement the project management tool into its workflow.

The results have been dramatic. Pipedrive’s Projects add-on has given Blulinc the tools it needs to manage its projects quickly and efficiently, delivering solutions to clients in timescales well under the industry average.

Moreover, with Pipedrive’s Projects, Blulinc can set checkpoints in its process to proactively address and forecast issues in each solution’s delivery. The team can learn from past issues thanks to this clear layout and checkpoints, so that future projects can run even more smoothly.

We need to be on top of the installations because we have a lot of competition in the market. The other companies take about 4-6 weeks to finish off the project, while we can deliver the solution in about 2 weeks or even faster.
Pipedrive gives us better separation between our sales pipeline and our projects pipeline. Our support people that are managing all the installations and our after-sales don’t need to be nosing around in deals anymore. It’s easier to follow up and it’s quicker to do what we need to do for both teams.

Cihan KrandaFounder, Blulinc

Blulinc electric charger
It gives us the opportunity to do a lot more deals with the same amount of staff. Before, the two people we have in project management didn’t have any more time to take on new projects; now, half of their time is free to do other stuff. Because everything is in one place, they can find information really quickly.
Most of the data is already automated between the platforms so they don’t have to type in twice or three times manually, which saves a lot of time that can be used to work on new projects, or other tasks within the company that are late and need to be updated or worked on.

Cihan KrandaFounder, Blulinc

How Pipedrive’s CRM integrations help Blulinc

Blulinc is able to centralize its entire project management process within its CRM thanks to the Projects add-on.

Instead of having to go back and forth between the sales and project pipeline, the team now has one source of truth in Pipedrive, including all their tasks and relevant information.

Because Pipedrive integrates with so many third-party tools, any further information the team needs can be found by clicking through to a contact’s account and following the integrated links to Blulinc’s Google Drive.

Blulinc has also utilized Pipedrive’s automation features, which has led to a huge reduction in the amount of repetitive data entry the team has to perform. By integrating Zapier with Pipedrive, Blulinc’s team has almost eliminated the need to manually reenter information into Pipedrive.

Blulinc’s sales and project management teams have been able to free up over 30% of their time, thanks to Pipedrive’s CRM integrations and the Projects add-on.

Blulinc Charging station

What’s next for Blulinc?

With new features being added to Projects all the time, Cihan anticipates that, in the future, Blulinc’s project management team will be able to save up 50% of their time through project automation.

The team has already been able to help out other teams within the company who also use Pipedrive. As all the teams are familiar with the Pipedrive interface, there’s no need for extra training when it comes to lending a hand in other departments, so the slack can be picked up whenever free time becomes available.

Cihan says he’s now thinking of using Pipedrive’s Projects solution in one of the other companies he owns, thanks to the success he’s seen in Blulinc.

Everything is in one place, including email conversations, and the new messaging feature connects to Facebooks Messenger and WhatsApp which is a nice feature, so everyone has a view of every conversation with the customer and what the last conversation with the customer was.
It has made life a lot easier for us. Before, we would have had to use multiple tools; now, because Pipedrive managed to centralize the core activities, our people save huge amounts of time in training. We can do more deals with the same people, whereas before we would have had to hire an extra pair of hands.

Cihad KrandaFounder, Blulinc

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