Google Workspace integration

Pipedrive and Google: a productive partnership

With Pipedrive, you can easily keep your CRM software in sync with Google Workspace, including Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Drive, and create an up-to-date, unified workspace.

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2-way sync with Google Contacts

Edit someone's details and the change will be synced to Pipedrive – and vice versa

2-way sync with Google Calendar

Schedule or move a call in Pipedrive, and an event will be added to or moved in your Google Calendar

Google Drive integration

Add Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, such as proposals or presentations, to deals and contacts, or create new ones in Pipedrive

Create a seamless sales workspace

Streamline workflows by integrating Pipedrive’s CRM software with the Google Workspace your team loves. Quickly organize data, automate data entry, visualize customer journeys and simplify your sales process.

Integrate with the best apps in Google Workspace together through our Marketplace or using Zapier.


Never miss an important message with the Gmail integration. Access entire email conversations and reply to them from within your CRM system.

Google Ads

Capture important lead data and discover which Google Ads campaigns, groups and keywords generate the most conversions.

Google Meet

Set up video calls from within your CRM. Schedule meetings and add a Google Meet link so that you can talk to colleagues and prospects face to face.

Single sign-on

Use SSO functionality to reduce the number of team logins by allowing them to access Pipedrive using their Google credentials.

Google Calendar

Forget about double-bookings by keeping track of all your upcoming meetings, events and calls.

Google Contacts

Access your Google Contacts directly from your CRM. Add notes or make changes that sync in real time.

Google Tasks

Stay on top of important tasks in your CRM or Google Tasks. Automatically add new Pipedrive activities to your Google Tasks list.

Google Sheets

Update your sales pipeline with data from Google Sheets or automatically create new cells in your workbook and populate them with Pipedrive information.

Chrome extension

Add leads, log contacts and save information to your CRM system from your Chrome browser with just a few clicks.

Why should you integrate your CRM with Google Workspace?

Help your sales team save time, refocus efforts and drive productivity. Connect your CRM solution to Google Workspace integrations and access files, conversations, tasks and more – all in one place.

Create new sales automations

Sync Pipedrive to your Google Drive storage account and centralize the documentation process. Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations inside Pipedrive with Smart Docs. Set a default Google Drive as your preferred storage solution so you can share templates with your team members.

Build templates in Pipedrive, or access those you’ve already created in your Google Workspace, then automate proposal sending, eSignature requests, follow-up emails and more.

Supercharge your sales communications

Keep up with every prospect by attaching Gmail messages, calendar meetings and important information to your lead records.

Set up email tracking and test which messaging best engages your leads. Use these insights to inform your strategy and provide better employee training.

Create custom reports and sales intelligence

Build unique reports for your business

Create beautiful custom reports based on your data by bringing in information from Google Sheets and Google Analytics.

Export data to Google Sheets

Create new rows in Google Sheets when information in Pipedrive changes. Create reports from your Google Drive with Pipedrive’s data.

Use insights to get better results

Make sales strategy customization your own. Uncover the best lead sources, find opportunities and more.

Google workspace integration FAQs

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