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CRM systems

Take control of your sales with a CRM system

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is one of the most important tools in the sales stack, enabling salespeople to record, track and manage customer information.

Easy access to relevant data lets you identify potential customers, nurture leads, close deals and improve the customer experience.

Pipedrive’s CRM system can help streamline operations and boost your sales today.

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What is a CRM system?

CRM systems are designed to manage a company’s interactions with partners, prospects and customers.

A CRM system helps you acquire, organize and share customer information. It can provide pipeline management and reporting features and enables you to manage and track communication across all customer touchpoints.

CRM solutions give salespeople the visibility they need to manage multiple deals and contacts effectively.

Cloud-based CRM platforms come with additional benefits, making remote selling and collaboration between teams easy so you can close deals from anywhere at any time.

What to look for in a CRM system

When assessing potential CRM tools, ask these four key questions.

  • Is it easy to use? A good CRM system must help you understand your customers. Spend less time training reps with a user-friendly simple CRM solution.

  • How much does it cost? Some providers offer low-cost or free CRM plans but keep critical features behind expensive plans. Look for transparent pricing and only pay for the users and features you need.

  • Does it support mobile users? With more sales teams operating outside of the office, a reliable mobile app is essential. Ensure your sales reps can access your CRM data whenever they need it.

  • Does it work with the rest of your tech stack? Today’s salespeople rely on a variety of different tools. Ensure your CRM system can connect to and share data from your other sales management tools.


Capture all the customer details you need

Spreadsheets and manual data entry can leave your salespeople without accurate and up-to-date customer information.

Give your team access to key details by automatically capturing customer information and combining it with the buyer research already in your CRM system.

With just one click, Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data enriches your customer details with data from Google, LinkedIn and other public online sources.

Read about Smart Contact Data here


Follow up with the right message at the right time

Without the right targeting, you could be missing out on sales.

Use the data in your sales CRM to segment your leads, prospects, new customers and existing customers into groups.

Pipedrive offers segmentation and other features like open and click tracking, sales templates and email automations for targeted communication.

Learn how Pipedrive can help you communicate with contacts


Create a single source of truth for sales and marketing

Silos prevent collaboration between your marketing and sales teams.

Use your CRM to share data across the customer journey.

Marketing teams can use customer insights to improve marketing campaigns and sales teams can use marketing collateral to meet customer needs.

Pipedrive allows you to automatically route all types of customer support to the right people so no tasks fall through the cracks.

See how Pipedrive enables team collaboration


Monitor your key metrics and optimize your business processes

Without the right data, there’s no way to track customer engagement.

A CRM helps you collect feedback and use it to optimize future customer interactions, convert more sales opportunities, increase revenue and improve customer retention.

Pipedrive lets you track sales activities and measure your team’s performance against key metrics at a glance with custom dashboards and visual reports.

Learn how Pipedrive’s reporting features can help you hit goals

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

How Redlist increased ARR by over 200%

Redlist’s sales team was spending hours manually creating proposals, leading to quality and accuracy issues.

With Pipedrive’s Smart Docs feature, they were able to set up proposal templates that automatically pulled details directly from their CRM system. With more time to work on sales activities (e.g. lead generation, marketing automation, etc.), Redlist grew rapidly, increasing annual recurring revenue (ARR) by over 200% in 2021.

“We use Pipedrive to manage everything from outbound prospecting to managing our main sales pipeline to managing our customer renewal pipeline.”

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Web Visitors add-on

Get a consistent flow of high-intent sales leads added to your CRM system with the Web Visitors add-on. Find out which organizations are browsing your website, learn how they found you and see which pages they visit.

Discover new leads interested in your solution

Uncover relevant contact details

See what content visitors engage with

Rank leads based on behavior and activity

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In the forecast view, we look at what deals are due to close this month, next month just to make sure everyone is really honest about what they should be working on.

Carolyn PearsonFounder, Maiden Voyage

One of the favorite features within Pipedrive is the email integration. It pulls all of the clients details in, so that we don’t have to think about it.

Erin and DrewFounders, Pro Arts

As a business owner, my favorite feature in Pipedrive is the statistics and being able to look at the dashboard and use those metrics to help each individual on the team.

Lisa CoyleCEO, 360 Payments

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