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How moving from spreadsheets helped Chicago Athletic Club manage leads

Illinois-based Chicago Athletic Club offers a wide range of health services on top of providing the community with an easy, efficient and friendly place to exercise daily.

The company moved from spreadsheets and utilized Pipedrive to improve lead management and sell more.

  • Industry: Health
  • Location: USA
  • Key feature: Lead management

The challenge

Most of Chicago Athletic Club’s business comes from two main sources: walk-ins and web inquiries. Before using sales software, they used Excel sheets to track follow-ups, such as calls, emails and scheduled tours around the club.

For walk-ins that aren’t signed up immediately, it is extremely important to follow up. For the web leads, getting them through the door is the challenge. After that, it is important to monitor when you called them, when you emailed them and what you’ve offered. Trying to keep track of all this on spreadsheets was a nightmare!

Kellan StrobelMembership Advisor at Chicago Athletic Club

It was a pain and hard to stay on top of everything. Now I am able to monitor who I called, who I emailed, what I offered and then easily schedule the next prospecting activity so that nothing falls through the cracks. Prior to Pipedrive I had never been top salesperson within the company. Ever since utilizing Pipedrive I have been top salesperson for three months in a row!

Kellan StrobelMembership Advisor at Chicago Athletic Club

The solution

A close friend recommended Pipedrive to Kellan as a cost-effective and intuitive CRM solution and he and the rest of his team haven’t looked back since.

Today, with the help of Pipedrive, they can easily track all interactions with potential customers, making sure that they follow up in a timely manner at crucial stages of the sales process – something that was extremely difficult to do when using just spreadsheets.

Not only can Pipedrive track the activities and interactions that you have had with the customer, but it also allows you to see all the email conversations that you and your lead have shared.

Pipedrive’s clean minimalistic style was perfect for their needs. The only customization they needed was to change the Pipeline stages to better fit their sales process. They imported their prospects from the previous month into Pipedrive using the easy and intuitive built-in import tool and continued from there.

The results

As soon as Chicago Athletic Club made the switch from spreadsheets to Pipedrive, the benefits were immediately apparent:

  • They could easily add and track activities to deals and prospects, which was very difficult to achieve with spreadsheets

  • It was easier to share information between members of the team as, in Pipedrive, you can simply invite team members as users and share/assign deals and prospects

  • With Pipedrive’s mobile app, you can access all your data anywhere at the tap of a button

  • Pipedrive’s Web Forms feature automatically creates deals and contacts from inquiries on their website

  • They could seamlessly integrate with other software, such as Gravity Forms, Xero and many more

Pipedrive is an intuitive, customizable prospect tracking tool that definitely pays for itself. It keeps you on top of each and every action necessary to close every deal in a timely manner and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Kellan StrobelMembership Advisor at Chicago Athletic Club

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