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How Framery increased lead generation by 800%

Finnish company Framery creates happy, productive workplaces by creating sound-proof meeting spaces and phone booths for open-plan offices.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Finland
  • Integration: Leadfeeder

By using the Pipedrive and Leadfeeder integration, Framery was able to increase lead generation by 800%.


Percentage Framery was able to increase lead generation


Revenue growth since implementing Pipedrive (up from $1.5m previous year)


Revenue increase expected this year

The challenge

Keeping track of leads is not always an easy task, especially if you don’t have a concrete method.

Spreadsheets can get confusing and hard to access. However, Framery learned that, with Pipedrive and the CRM’s Leadfeeder integration, lead and sales data can live in one easily accessible location.

Prior to Pipedrive, Framery was collecting leads in spreadsheets and e-mail. These spreadsheets were hard to keep up to date and different versions of the spreadsheet would pile up on shared drives. People also didn’t use them because it was too cumbersome to fill out and the right version wasn’t always available.

They desperately needed a sales CRM software that was simple so their salespeople would actively use it. It needed to be an easy-to-use solution that made documenting leads quick and effortless.

They also wanted easy, hassle-free integrations between systems. Especially important was the ability to show important events, such as a new deal, in existing communication channels for the whole company.

We knew that ease and convenience of use were going to be key in getting our sales staff actively using and documenting lead data in whatever CRM solution we ultimately chose. After hearing good things about Pipedrive from people in our own network, we were convinced that the solution could work for us too.

Jesse PärnänenVice President of Sales

It is hard to get people to use various systems, so it is a huge advantage that all the data is in the same place without any manual effort. Before the integration, we didn’t have full visibility to website lead data. It wasn’t in the same system that our salespeople actively used. The integration between Pipedrive and Leadfeeder gave us the ability to contain all lead data under one roof which makes taking systematic action easier. Now with the help of the integration, we have a systematic way to ensure that all possible leads are considered without any extra manual effort. This reduces the time and resources needed to generate and nurture website leads significantly.

Jesse PärnänenVice President of Sales

The solution

With the help of the easy-to-install integration, Framery now has their website lead data automatically transferred into the same system as their actual sales data via Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder is a very useful integration that takes all the time-consuming manual hassle out of documenting website leads into actionable items. From Leadfeeder, it’s very easy to transfer leads into Pipedrive or directly to dealers via email with one click.

Leadfeeder data also provides valuable insight into their potential customers browsing habits.

The results

Pipedrive was a simple and easy solution to get all sales data under one roof and into active use.

Since the adoption of Pipedrive, Framery has seen noticeable improvements across the board:

  • Revenue grew from $1.5m in 2014 to $21m last year and is expected to double this year as well

  • They are getting 800% more leads than they were receiving prior to implementing Pipedrive

  • They are better able to track and follow up on customer cases with a visible sales pipeline

  • There is a steepened distributor maturity curve, with the ability to identify and assist under-performing partners

Pipedrive is a very easy and simple software solution, so the implementation and adoption weren’t hard at all. We were able to track all the different markets, our whole sales team’s performance, new leads and customer cases easily - and we did the implementation by ourselves just in a couple days. Pipedrive is an incredible platform!

Jesse PärnänenVice President of Sales

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