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How Intrnz boosted annual revenue by 250%

Intrnz provides short-term housing for students doing summer internships in New York City.

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Location: US
  • Integration: Autopilot

By automating their sales process with Pipedrive and Autopilot, Intrnz was able to increase their revenue by 250% in just 8 months.


Amount Intrnz was able to increase their inbound leads


Increase in annual revenue


Months to achieve this revenue increase

The challenge

Intrnz received a large volume of inquiries from a range of channels, including via email and phone call, which became tough to manage without the helping hand of a customer management tool. At first, Matt Doyle, Intrnz’s Chief Operating Officer, turned to a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, but it ended up making things more complicated.

Realizing that there had to be a simpler way to introduce sales and marketing automation to his team while having a clear overview of their sales and customer journey, Matt turned to the Pipedrive and Autopilot integration and has never looked back.

Large ERPs, particularly for a small team, are often too clunky and complex for salespeople to adopt. It also came with high development costs that exceeded the benefits. At first, we had considered creating one in-house, but that would also require a significantly higher investment than shopping for existing software.

Matt DoyleIntrnz’s Chief Operating Officer

Using Pipedrive and Autopilot made it possible to handle an exponential amount of work. We were able to handle four times the amount of inbound business with the same human resources. There are a lot of CRMs in the same price range as Pipedrive, but none that offer this level of deep integration with an MA tool. You would usually have to pay double. Also, we struggle with the fact that all-encompassing MA tools tend to come with terrible CRMs, so using Pipedrive and Autopilot allows us to get the best of both worlds without paying tons of money for it.

Matt DoyleIntrnz’s Chief Operating Officer

The solution

Crafting automating communications throughout the sales process that don’t sound robotic is a challenging task that real estate CRM Pipedrive and Autopilot effectively helped the Intrnz sales team handle.

Typically, general information queries would keep them occupied with manual communications and data overload while opportunities passed by. But with the help of Autopilot journeys, which kept track of emails, Pipedrive Automations, which streamlined the sales process, and custom fields, which kept all the data in one place, they had a lot more time to focus on scaling.

The results

With the help of Pipedrive and Autopilot, the Intrnz team was able to quadruple the number of leads pursued resulting in a 250% increase in annual turnover.

One of the biggest takeaways from Matt’s search for the right CRM and MA combo is to take time to understand the customer journey and define what the unique problems your organization are before looking for a solution.

Moreover, sales and marketing automation tools don’t need to come with eye-watering costs or months of onboarding. Flexible tools like Pipedrive make it possible to plug in the tools you need when you need them and cut out the unnecessary features that bog you down.

It’s really important to understand the difference between marketing and sales automation before deciding on a scaling tool. If we’d have spent more time thinking and planning out the customer journey, we would have found this ideal combo more quickly. Pipedrive is the only solution we found that is able to manage a complex sales and marketing workflow at a price that makes sense for the average business.

Matt DoyleIntrnz’s Chief Operating Officer

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