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How Monterail increased their sales conversion rate

Monterail is a software development consultancy based in Wrocław, Poland that provides clients with bespoke software and digital solutions.

  • Industry: Software/Agency
  • Location: Poland
  • Key feature: Pipedrive CRM

By switching to Pipedrive, Monterail improved the visibility of its data across teams and boosted sales conversions.


Conversion-to-call rate has increased by over a third


Conversion rate from call to qualified customer is up


Number of team members using Pipedrive

The challenge

Before switching to Pipedrive, both Monterail’s sales and marketing teams were using HubSpot’s free CRM solution to manage their processes. As they continued to grow, the sales team found that the solution didn’t provide them with the features and functionality they required.

When I joined Monterail a year ago, pretty much everybody was already dissatisfied with HubSpot’s CRM for sales purposes. The inability to add a list of recurring activities or see separate tasks on the Pipeline view of the Kanban board often either required us to perform extra clicking (particularly by those of us willing to do the extra manual work) or led us to miss tasks. All in all, it proved rather unintuitive and its poor UX often resulted in a correspondingly poor organization of tasks.

Jan SoleckiAccount executive, Monterail

Pipedrive features used

Jan consulted the other departments who would need to use data from their CRM and worked out that he was looking for a tool that would:

Be intuitive. They wanted a tool that was enjoyable to use for sales and account managers alike

Provide insight. They needed advanced analytics to track, measure and optimize their sales process

Function as a single source of truth for the sales teams and other stakeholders in marketing, customer success and other departments

Suit the needs of their business, a software development consultancy that often worked on large, cross-functional, custom projects

It turns out that a lot of the problems we were facing in Hubspot are solved pretty well by Pipedrive. Pipedrive organizes my work in such a useful way that I spend most of my workday inside it. This, in turn, gives me a lot of comfort at work, because I don’t have to waste time thinking about what stage my projects are on or what the next steps will be. Pipedrive sets the pace of my day.

Jan SoleckiAccount executive, Monterail

The solution

The sales team found transferring all their data from HubSpot to Pipedrive easy thanks to the open API and were also able to integrate Pipedrive with many of the other tools they use. They were also able to sync Pipedrive and HubSpot up, as the Marketing team continues to use it.

For Monterail, Pipedrive really lived up to their tagline ‘CRM that salespeople love’ by ticking all their ‘must-have’ boxes and nearly all of their ‘nice-to-haves’, too. The sales team embraced the Pipedrive solution for several reasons:

  • Streamlined weekly check-ins thanks to the visibility of data, lead information and deal progress on the tool that the whole team can access quickly and easily

  • Pipedrive’s Automations features help the sales team avoid unnecessary admin tasks and quickly find customer data, even if a team member is absent or unavailable

  • The CRM promotes activity-based selling, helping Monterail’s team structure their working day and focus on what’s important

The results

There are currently 10 people at Monterail using Pipedrive including inbound, outbound and customer success teams, marketing, and managers who oversee the operation. The inbound and outbound sales teams use Pipedrive to track leads through their funnel, while customer success is using Pipedrive’s kanban functionality and the easily-accessible sales data to manage their process. Marketing (thanks to a Zapier integration) uses Pipedrive to follow deal progression of marketing-qualified leads.

All the sales team who now use Pipedrive and are completely happy with it. They’ve also seen impressive business outcomes since the switch, with conversion-to-call rate increasing 35% and call-to-qualified-lead conversion rate increasing 10%.

Investing in Pipedrive turned out to be a good choice for Monterail. We believe that providing comfortable working conditions and offering the right tools to our team members can actually translate into better services for our customers. Above all that, the numbers also prove that this was the right choice!

Jan SoleckiAccount executive, Monterail

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