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How integrating WhatsApp and Pipedrive helped Motor Mart increase revenue by 25%

Family-owned Mexican company Motor Mart has been trading, rebuilding and servicing engines and engine components for 30 years.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Mexico
  • Key feature: Integrations
Motormart Case Study


Growth in conversion rate due to the efficiency of the sales process


Increase in the number of prospects thanks to the customer onboarding process


More revenue with reductions in response time

The challenge

Motor Mart faced several challenges before implementing Pipedrive in August 2021. While using a previous tool, the company lost WhatsApp contacts due to a lack of contact history, making efficient sales process management challenging.

The CRM switch meant the company could migrate data to a new system with better-defined sales funnels.

Something that convinced us to switch to Pipedrive was that, with Sirena, we easily lost contacts because the conversation would end and there was no way to restart it. In Pipedrive, on the other hand, with templates, we had the opportunity to reactivate the conversation through WhatsApp.

Rodolfo MartínezCo-founder, Motor Mart

The solution

Once implemented, Pipedrive proved a comprehensive solution for Motor Mart. The platform provides a clear sales funnel structure, enabling efficient lead distribution across various business units.

An integration with WhatsApp was crucial for reactivating conversations and maintaining effective follow-ups. Pipedrive has become indispensable, providing a clear view of the sales process and consolidating prospects and clients from other solutions.

The integration of various tools, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail and Google Drive, has facilitated internal communication and collaboration.

When it comes to selling engines to machinery manufacturers, the sales team is a bit different. However, the advantage of Pipedrive is that the leads arrive in the same inbox and we distribute them to different types of sales agents. For other business units, it’s the same sales team, and the advantage with Pipedrive is that they channel the leads to the appropriate funnel, depending on the type of request.

Gerardo MartinezCo-founder, Motor Mart

The results

Motor Mart achieved significant results after implementing Pipedrive into its sales strategy. The company managed a 34% growth in conversion rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of an optimized sales process. The use of Pipedrive also generated a 60% increase in the number of prospects, thanks to the simple lead distribution process.

Thanks to Chatbot, the company has engaged over 1,500 prospects, saving up to 400 hours of sales work. Motor Mart has also acquired 200 new prospects through Web Forms on its site.

The reduction in response time has directly contributed to a 25% increase in revenue. The sales team experienced substantial growth with a faster and more defined process, having adopted an approach to continuously assess and improve.

Furthermore, the company’s overall productivity improved significantly thanks to optimizing the sales team’s work and increased operational efficiency.

Motor Mart has ambitious plans for the future, focused on continuing their growth and exploring new markets.

The company is considering expanding the use of Pipedrive to more teams, such as after-sales, having recognized the advantages of a clear sales process with detailed information.

With Pipedrive, we can obtain metrics quickly and easily, which is very useful for decision-making. This is something we didn’t have before.

Gerardo MartinezCo-founder, Motor Mart

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