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How Northwest Weatherization increased revenue by 15%

Portland-based Northwest Weatherization helps customers insulate and improve their homes to save money on their energy bills.

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Location: USA
  • Key feature: Lead Management

By integrating Pipedrive, Northwest Weatherization was able to grow their revenue by 15% in six months.


Number of team members on the sales team


Percentage their bottom line increased in six months


Of leads now converted thanks to Pipedrive

The challenge

Before Pipedrive, Northwest Weatherization was using Excel sheets and complicated CRMs to manage customers and potential deals.

As they grew to averaging 700 new customers a year with an annual revenue of $2 million, the company sought to tighten gaps in its sales process and keep its prospects’ and customers’ information at the forefront.

Northwest Weatherization could no longer risk losing information and needed a clear view of where the company’s prospects were in their sales process to access relevant information in as few clicks as possible.

The team concluded that it needed a platform that was inexpensive but would allow them to get more done in less time. Gaining extra hours, even minutes, was valuable.

After analyzing four CRMs – Infusionsoft, Insightly, Sugar and Pipedrive – Northwest Weatherization set its eyes on Pipedrive.

The CRM we were using had a very poor documentation system for tracking leads and we weren’t able to view statistics as well as we would have liked. At times, loading leads lingered past two minutes and records became jumbled. You’re pulling out your hair when it takes so long to load, and when customer information gets lost, it affects customer relationships, especially when you’re new. We were on a mission to gain visibility into our pipeline, to keep deals and relationships thriving. Customers expect a lot more from us, so we expect a lot from our CRM. The other systems took too many clicks to access information, had no ability to customize or were expensive, or a combination of the three.

Radu BobirnacNorthwest Weatherization’s Marketing Manager

[Pipedrive] helped us quickly grasp a good understanding of where each deal was and helped us decide how we could get it to move forward. I’d say we needed a strong push to clean out our sales pipeline. Pipedrive has gone above and beyond to help small businesses like ours do that. People tend to look at their CRM between meetings or during a quick coffee stop. With Pipedrive’s app, my team and I get to use those precious seconds to manage our sales process. It’s an amazing time-saver to see everything so clearly at-a-glance.

Radu BobirnacNorthwest Weatherization’s Marketing Manager

The solution

Pipedrive’s kanban-based system – building on the idea that processes are easier to follow, prioritize and complete when broken up into manageable activities – allowed the company to have more visibility and fluidity in their sales process. It gave them a clear concept of where each deal was.

Northwest Weatherization was able to organize and move along all its deals in its pipeline. It also helped that Pipedrive offers a wide range of integrations – such as Gmail, Google Calendar, PandaDoc and Zapier – which turbocharge the sales management solution.

After three months of test driving Pipedrive, the company had already transitioned approximately 90% of its sales management needs. Within six months, it made 98% progress towards full integration.

Because the sales process often doesn’t stop at the end of the workday for the company, being able to easily access information on the go was also crucial.

The results

Integrating Gmail, Google Calendar, PandaDoc and Zapier in Pipedrive helped Northwest Weatherization gear up for a 15% increase in the company’s bottom line within six months.

Getting information in real time without leaving the comfort of the CRM made the sales management process more efficient and profitable.

Besides winning more deals more quickly, the new system allowed the team to collaborate more effectively.

Our CRM is an extension of my left hand or my right hand. It moves so quickly and comfortably that I don’t have to worry about it. I’m then able to focus on more lead opportunities. It’s like trading in your Bonneville for a new Ferrari. You get into that thing, hit connect and it’s like, bam! We often fill our pipeline with as many people as possible and within two weeks out, we capture about 5-7% of them. Our biggest achievement is being able to actively and accurately track the number of sales each month with the new visibility we’ve gained. We especially like the instantaneous communication between team members and look forward to seeing where Pipedrive can take us.

Radu BobirnacNorthwest Weatherization’s Marketing Manager

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