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How Pipedrive helps Pole Design save two days a week

UK company Pole Design, which launched in 2009, stems from Founder Karen Rhode’s deep-rooted passion for interior design, particularly window dressings. Her vision to create an online space that showcases top-tier curtain poles and accessories quickly established the website as a trusted source for improving home interiors across the UK.

In 2023, Samuel Ficek bought the site, bringing with him a new focus on digital marketing and SEO, while Karen continues to offer her seasoned expertise, ensuring the company’s legacy of quality and customer satisfaction persists.

  • Industry: Home decor and interior design
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Key feature: Integrations
Pole Design Case Study

2 days

Pole Design saves at least two days’ time each week with Pipedrive

10 years

Pole Design has been operational for over ten years

Mastering efficiency: Pole Design’s integration of Pipedrive

Pole Design, a niche home décor and interior design company specializing in custom and ready-made curtain poles and accessories, has utilized Pipedrive to transform its operations.

Initially, Pole Design faced significant challenges with scalability and efficiency, primarily due to an over-reliance on emailing to manage customer interactions, sales and order processing. This has slowed the company’s ability to grow and respond effectively to customer needs.

By adequately integrating Pipedrive, Pole Design has overcome these obstacles and established a more robust and scalable framework for managing its business operations.

The previous owner was missing an opportunity to integrate Pipedrive into her processes and manage work across the team.

Samuel FicekSEO Consultant and Owner of Pole Design

Pole Design’s success with Pipedrive

By implementing Pipedrive’s key features such as customizable fields, pipelines and automation via Zapier integration and Google Cloud Functions, the company has drastically improved efficiency, saving at least two full days of work each week.

These features simplify order processing and customer interactions, enabling scalable growth. This strategic integration of Pipedrive into their business model demonstrates a profound paradigm shift toward more automated and scalable customer management processes.

Vastly efficient back-office operations – we’ve probably saved at least two days’ time each week at current levels.

Samuel FicekSEO Consultant and Owner of Pole Design

Pole Design’s continued expansion with Pipedrive

Pole Design is poised for continued expansion, with Pipedrive’s scalable features at the core of its strategic growth plans.

Integrating advanced CRM tools and automated workflows within Pipedrive ensures that as Pole Design’s customer base and order volumes increase, its operational capabilities can scale efficiently without compromising service quality.

We’ll rely heavily on our efficient and automated processes as we continue to grow.

Samuel FicekSEO Consultant and Owner of Pole Design

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