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How Reliability Maintenance Solutions streamlines conversions from web visitor to qualified lead

Asset reliability experts Reliability Maintenance Solutions (RMS) provide products, services and training to help their customers, in a wide variety of industries, maintain the condition of their mechanical assets.

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Location: UK
  • Key add-on: LeadBooster

RMS takes full advantage of Pipedrive’s lead generation tools to improve their web experience for visitors and enable their team to engage with the right leads.


Team members that used Pipedrive’s tools


Number of features they used from the LeadBooster add-on

The challenge

Before marketing manager Paul Simbeck-Hampson adopted Pipedrive as the company’s CRM, the marketing team was using less effective methods to manage lead and customer data. The result was missed opportunities, reduced productivity and less collaboration with other departments.

When they partnered with an American technology company, Paul realized they really needed an affordable cloud solution with smart integrations and capabilities.

We became a partner with RDI Technologies and needed to deal with inbound inquiries in Europe and our other territories. The guys picked up Pipedrive to do that.

Paul Simbeck-HampsonMarketing manager, Reliability Maintenance Solutions

When I looked at Pipedrive, the first thing I noticed was automation. I’ve built a very automated pipeline for the online training products, meaning a series of emails spaced over time. The activation of the notifications is great, so you know when to move it around. If you have emails come into your connected Outlook account, you can see and reply to them in the same environment. Very smart. It was an ad hoc onboarding, but in the last months, we have begun to utilize Pipedrive along the lines it was intended. Web Forms are great – they are doing what I need them to do and I’m sure there’s much more I can do with them when I start to think of other landing pages.

Paul Simbeck-HampsonMarketing manager, Reliability Maintenance Solutions

The solution

Paul looked at Pipedrive with his data hat on and realized that it could help them manage the leads and customers of their training products. When something happens in between two automated emails, he recognized, you don’t want to send another one that implies you haven’t already had a conversation with the lead.

At first, Paul onboarded Pipedrive gradually, with four team members (including Paul) signing up to use Pipedrive. Then, RMS began to utilize is Web Forms, which can be seen on the training support product pages of the RMS website. This feature allows website visitors to easily order products with just a few clicks, by selecting options from dropdown menus and then proceeding to the checkout.

The results

Collaboration is important to Paul and his team. So much so that the marketing team has set up several journeys for customers and web forms on landing pages, but now they are looking to improve the structure and assign more colleagues from other departments to manage relevant flows and increase collaboration.

Paul has added a customized version of Pipedrive’s Chatbot to the RMS website, which automatically engages with visitors and helps to qualify leads. He and his colleagues can also interject using the Live Chat function, which enables Pipedrive users to jump into a Chatbot thread and talk with the web visitor when a human touch is required.

Chatbot gives us the ability to design flows that identify key requirements and to reassign inquiries to the right department, increasing collaboration. We are already seeing an improvement in the quality of conversations, also improved interactions, and we expect this to increase in the coming months as new capabilities are deployed.

Paul Simbeck-HampsonMarketing manager, Reliability Maintenance Solutions

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