How Scratchpay Significantly Reduced Onboarding with Pipedrive and Kixie

A service provider of point-of-sale financing at veterinary clinics for pet owners who need to pay for unexpected pet care.

  • Client: Scratchpay
  • Industry: Finance
  • Location: USA
  • Number of employees: N/A
  • Employees in sales: 5
  • Integrations used: Kixie

CRM requirements

The managers were struggling because there was no way to listen to reps’ call recordings to ensure they were doing a good job on the phone, or to provide context to future reps regarding past conversations with the clinic. Call statistics were non-existent, making it even harder to track salespeople’s performance.

Scratchpay realized that in order to not only acquire new partner clinics, but to support them on an ongoing basis, they needed two things (especially as they have a 24/7 borrower support team):

  1.  A simple, visual CRM tool
  2.  A full business phone system that could automatically log calls and recordings

The combination of these powerful tools, along with our wonderful sales staff, allows us to create an excellent experience for our borrower and clinic partners.

Angela MorrisettePartnerships Director, Scratchpay
Angela Morrisette

How Pipedrive helped

Thanks to CRM Pipedrive and fully integrated phone service Kixie, Scratchpay has been able to grow and support their network of vet clinic partners.

This suite of features enables Scratchpay’s reps to manage their pipeline and phone solution from one dashboard, with plenty of automations to streamline the process, saving time and effort. Managers, meanwhile, can access accurate statistics from both sales dashboards from Kixie and Pipedrive.

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Pipedrive features used

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