7 Free Sales Dashboards and Templates for Your Team

Free Excel Sales Dashboard Templates

Do you run a sales-driven company without using CRM? Are you working for one?

If the answer is yes, then you've just hit the jackpot.

This article provides a number of free excel sales dashboards, templates, and related productivity tools you can find on the web that will help you organize your sales process and hurdle the complexities of growing your business.

But don’t stay content and cozy with a bundle of disparate resources.


Every organization selling something that needs a CRM system. The only question is when, yet many businesses need or already use one now.

Those that fall in any other category will have to adopt one eventually as the number of their sales staff, customers, products and services grow. Otherwise, the complexity of managing an expanding sales ecosystem will become a major roadblock to your growth and future profitability.

In fact:

90% of B2B companies with more than 11 employees already use CRM software according to Buyerzone

In the meantime, companies that have yet to reach the point where the need for CRM is critical and whose budgets strongly prohibit adoption can use the resources cited here to make sense of their sales operations without incurring extra costs.

But before reviewing some of the best sales dashboards and other productivity templates available on the web, we need to clarify which types of businesses can thrive solely on these free resources.

Moreover, because growth is a pervading goal of all business organizations, the use of such resources is temporary at best, especially if you want to remain competitive and relevant.

Check if your company or sales team matches one or more of the following criteria. If it does, then feel free to use the resources listed in the next section, otherwise you should start choosing and deploying the best CRM for your business.

  1. You’re running a one-person company.
  2. Your business employs fewer than 5 people with just one or two on the sales team.
  3. You cater to just a handful of clients.
  4. Your sales process is purely transactional.
  5. Your sales process has fewer than three stages.  
  6. Your sales cycle flows so fast it negates the need to monitor each stage of the process.
  7. You run a B2C business with very low to zero institutional customers.
  8. Your budget strongly prohibits CRM adoption at this point.

Free Excel Dashboard Templates

  • Sales Pipeline — As a sales practitioner, your pipeline pretty much serves as the heart of your profession. Keep it pumping and you’ll do great. This template from Pipedrive works like a mini CRM, helping you organize your sales efforts from your desk or on the cloud.
    Once you’ve downloaded this Excel template on your computer, you can use it as a local file or get it uploaded as a spreadsheet on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for sharing and collaboration with your small team. Designed as a plug-and-play document, the spreadsheet can be populated readily with your contacts and customized in a number of ways based on your sales process, deal sizes, conversion rates and other factors. Use it for sales tracking, reports, and forecasting.
  • Online Sales Tracker — Get this free template from the Office Store, open it via Excel Online, then manage it in your OneDrive storage. Best for sole proprietors, startup founders and garage entrepreneurs, this spreadsheet comes with two auto-generated graphs: a pie chart showing the revenue share generated by each product in your library/shelf and a bar chart showing the same metric. The default version has 10 columns including those for percent markup, shipping charge, and profit per item.
    Excel Online Sales Tracking Templates
  • Sales Dashboards — Dashboards give an overview of your operations and include visualizations of the key metrics that indicate the health, efficiency or growth of your business and the people behind it. This set of sales dashboards as featured in Chandoo includes several noteworthy templates you might want to consider for your business:
    • Bar-chart dashboard showing data by region, customer type, salesperson and product.     
    • Line-and-bar chart dashboard ranking salesperson performance, showing different regional data and interrelationships and trends in terms of product-region-customer type mix.
    • Mixed chart type dashboard covering a broader range of business intelligence compared to the previous two items. This customizable template includes a map, a chart for performance comparison per period and a budget compliance snapshot besides  tables and charts showing customer, product, region and sales personnel data.
    • Table-and-graph dashboard with filter support and executive summary showing comparative salesperson performance as functions of time, region and product.
    • Bar-type dashboard featuring graphs on salesperson performance across periods and a performance milestones summary for each personnel.      

Excel Sales Dashboard and CRM template

Use Excel Dashboards to Track Sales

Spreadsheet software, including Microsoft’s venerable Excel application and cloud-borne Google Sheets, has become more powerful over the years and can take on an astounding range of tasks: from simple accounting to stunning data visualizations.

And yes, you can use them to make sense of your microsales operations in the absence of CRM. The templates and dashboards cited previously are decent tools for monitoring your sales process and performance.

But they won’t take you and your business very far. They come free but they also come with serious limitations.

For example:

When you have a rising number of customers, products or sales personnel, using spreadsheets instead of a solid CRM becomes unwieldy at some point and compromises business expansion.

Updating a bloated spreadsheet becomes a burden, and so does integrating it to other critical tools such as email and the team’s collective sales funnel.   

Unless you plan to set a low growth ceiling for your business, you’ll eventually need CRM. Do you expect to have the same number of sales personnel two or three years from now? If not, then a smart CRM will simplify your life and make it easier to achieve your sales goals.

So, use a good sales template if you must for now, but be sure to transition your team to a CRM before you reach the tipping point (the smaller and less complicated your list, the smoother the transition).

Finally, if you’re ready to look into a CRM to assist in growing your business, here’s an infographic about how to determine which CRM system best fits your sales operations.

7 Free Sales Dashboards and Templates for Your Team | Pipedrive
7 Free Sales Dashboards and Templates for Your Team