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How Serenis uses Pipedrive to fuel growth, boost efficiency and improve its recruitment process

Italy-based company Serenis pairs its customers with the right therapist to provide high-quality and affordable online mental health therapy and psychological support.

Authorized by the ATS, and with over 400 specialists, Serenis brings an effective and highly tailored solution to citizens across Italy, while providing them with control over the process and ensuring their comfort with procedures.

  • Industry: Health
  • Location: Italy
  • Key feature: Smart Docs
Serenis and Pipedrive


Therapist recruitment team grown by 300% in 8 months

3 hours

Saved each week thanks to Pipedrive

The problem the company faced

When Serenis launched in August 2021, the team knew they needed to cultivate not only leads but also therapists, who would form the roster of professionals that would provide therapy to customers.

Serenis began its therapist recruitment using Google Sheets to monitor how far each therapist had progressed through the hiring process. However, Serenis soon realized it required a better tool to manage all of the information it needed and get a clearer oversight of the hiring process.

As Serenis began to grow and scale up its recruitment team, Head of Operations, Virginia Gambardella, realized that the recruitment process would be optimized if everyone on her team could quickly understand where each therapist was in the recruitment pipeline and what each team member’s individual tasks were.

In-depth data analysis of the hiring process was impossible on Google Sheets. Without the ability to monitor core KPIs, it was very difficult for Virginia and her team to identify bottlenecks in the hiring process and how things could be improved.

I think that the most difficult part was to coordinate the stakeholders who were involved in the selection process of the candidates. I tested Pipedrive and I was alone for a while, but since we were scaling up and we were starting to involve more people in the process, the data of the candidates needed to be centralized, and we needed a ‘common language’.

Virginia GambardellaHead of Operations, Serenis

How Pipedrive provides a solution

Since adopting Pipedrive in March 2022 and following an easy import of data from its Google Sheets, Serenis’s therapist recruitment process has seen dramatic changes.

Pipedrive has provided Serenis with far greater oversight, meaning stakeholders and decision-makers have all the information they need at their fingertips when progressing and hiring therapists, giving them ownership of the process.

Moreover, thanks to the Pipedrive’s Insights and reporting features, Serenis can easily tell how its recruitment process is going. Also, when onboarding new additions to the team, or teaching them about a new feature, Pipedrive’s intuitive and simple interface makes the time investment needed very low.

And should there be something Virginia and the team aren’t sure about, the Pipedrive customer support is on-hand to provide top-quality help about whatever the issue is, from troubleshooting to feature guides.

I have to say it has one of the best customer services ever, I see that now I’ve used different platforms. I can say that it’s one of the strengths of the tool and the human aspect is much appreciated.

Virginia GambardellaHead of Operations, Serenis

Serenis’s unique way of using Pipedrive

Serenis treats the hiring of therapists as somewhere between B2B sales and recruitment. Rather than selling the therapists a product, they’re being invited to a new platform, and rather than being hired directly, they’re becoming part of a talent cloud to be matched with future customers.

Because of this, Serenis needs a lot of flexibility in its tool, as well as the powerful features of a CRM. Traditional recruitment software didn’t provide the oversight to ensure a high-quality standard or the automation tools to save time and effort.

Serenis uses Smart Docs to send proposals, request eSignatures, add mandatory and custom fields to pipelines and for advanced reporting on those custom fields, which wouldn’t be possible in less powerful tools.

With Pipedrive’s automation tools, Serenis’s team can send out automatic messages as therapists move through the pipeline. Virginia and her team have saved three hours a week, all the while improving the recruitment process.

Serenis is committed to its mission of providing high-quality and affordable therapy for the Italian population, and so is focused on growing its services and keeping its users satisfied.

The possibility of having automatic workflows helps us keep periodic contact with deals, so if they’re not hearing from us in a certain amount of time then we can send them an email and keep in contact, which translates to high satisfaction in the candidates in the selection process.
There’s also been a decrease in the time we’re spending going through the process: about three hours a week are saved thanks to Pipedrive.

Virginia GambardellaHead of Operations, Serenis

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