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How SiteForce used Pipedrive to double its revenue and triple the size of its field team

Despite its small size, Dallas-based commercial janitorial company SiteForce has the capabilities of a much larger company, while still being agile and flexible enough to effectively support its customers’ needs. 

  • Industry: Commercial
  • Location: Dallas
  • Key feature: Custom fields


SiteForce has seen revenue growth double


Has seen field operations team triple in size

Why SiteForce needed a CRM

Having both come from tech backgrounds, co-owners Matt Seaton and Ron Daniels knew that they’d need CRM software when they founded SiteForce.

Ron had the experience of implementing CRM software in previous operations and an idea of what features he wanted for his SiteForce team.

After doing a quick Google search and checking the CRM options on Capterra, Ron discovered Pipedrive and soon realized it offered all the features SiteForce needed at the best price.

I had never heard of Pipedrive, but part of what I was specifically looking for was simplicity – I believe there’s a lot of power in simplicity. I wanted the ability to customize and I wanted basic integrations, not API calls necessarily, but just basic integrations and Pipedrive satisfied that. The value equation was better for Pipedrive than other CRM tools. So, when I look at the cost per license and what we get for that cost, I thought the value equation was in Pipedrive’s favor.

Ron DanielsCo-owner

We really leverage the customization of the fields. We use the details table as basically a customer profile that again is filled out on the sales cycle, but then that data is used in the field at night – building access, the alarm codes, the business hours.
We’ve probably got 100-125 fields customized and that data is the core of our business. If that data isn’t accurate and available, we struggle to perform our work. Pipedrive, through the customization, has enabled us to capture that data in a meaningful way, even to the extent of moving fields around and priority listing, so our field team at night has real-time access to what they need.

Ron DanielsCo-owner

How Pipedrive met SiteForce’s needs

SiteForce’s primary needs for a CRM were simplicity and customization and Pipedrive didn’t disappoint. Pipedrive’s simplicity and ease of onboarding have led to it being adopted by four different departments at the company: sales, HR, field operations and business operations.

Pipedrive’s ease of use has also made it a powerful tool for locating important information. The SiteForce sales team uses Pipedrive’s pipeline view during their twice-weekly huddle meetings as a way of seeing how their contracts are progressing, while staff looking for specific information can easily find what they need in the Pipedrive database.

Perhaps the feature SiteForce has taken most advantage of is the customization options Pipedrive offers.

By developing custom fields for their customers, the team can quickly gather and make use of a huge amount of data for their employees, who can access the information they need in real time, such as door codes or cleaning priorities.

How SiteForce is pushing the boundaries of what CRMs can do

As well as using Pipedrive as a conventional CRM, SiteForce has been experimenting with the tool’s ability to create custom pipelines that streamline other parts of the business.

Operations Coordinator Barbara Daniels now uses Pipedrive to log and monitor the performance of the field operations team, giving her detailed timelines showing how each janitor is performing and allowing her to see any actions that need to be taken.

SiteForce was also experiencing issues while tracking its recruiting efforts, but by creating a custom pipeline they were able to create visually accessible records to solve their issue.

I like to use [Pipedrive] for data compiling, so specifically for our cleaners – having a contact timeline, a history of the activities they do, whether they’re taking time off, if they’re showing up late; it just kind of helps keep a good timeline on their activity, so that I’m able to share all the data with the area managers and they’re able to make better business decisions in regards to our employees.
We have twice-weekly huddle meetings and one of the things we’ll do is we’ll pull up Pipedrive and we’re able to look at different points of data, it’s a talking point tool to make sure we’re all on the same page. We were struggling to keep up with our open positions by accounts or by organizations and how we were recruiting, so we just created a recruiting pipeline. Now our recruiting team’s using it, not as an official applicant tracking system, but it’s helping us at any point in time go in and see what open positions we have.

Barbara DanielsOperations Coordinator

Since 2017 we’ve doubled in size, our revenue growth has doubled, which consequently means that our field operations team, which are really the core – they’re the users that are using that data the most – has probably tripled, which ties in directly to users, licenses and receipts.

Ron DanielsCo-owner

How SiteForce’s innovations have led to growth

When the team has found themselves struggling to keep up with their extra projects, they got on top of them by creating a new, specific pipeline that helps them ensure nothing is falling through the cracks. Thanks to Pipedrive and the team’s innovative solutions, SiteForce has been able to grow.

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