How Snug Boosts their List of Prospects by 40% Every Month

In an era where ride-sharing and streaming services offer a price-friendly alternative to ownership, Snug aims to deliver the same convenience through a subscription-based, digital housing platform.

  • Client: Snug
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Employees in sales: 2
  • Integrations used: Autopilot

CRM requirements

In the early stages of the business, Snug used spreadsheets to keep track of their customer and lead data. While this worked at first, it made it difficult for the sales team to access the information when they needed it for several reasons.

A lot of manual data entry, as well as importing and exporting files into other communication management systems, was involved. Plus, all the hours spent keeping everything up to date resulted in less time spent on actual selling.

Spreadsheets also offer a very limited overview of stats and figures. It was, as founder and CEO Justin Butterworth put it, a ‘glorified list’ of sales and prospects that was difficult to digest at a glance. This was particularly problematic for Snug, whose target customers have busy schedules and different decision-making structures. Finding out who to get in touch with and when was next to impossible.

Pipedrive helps us focus on our best prospects through segmentation. It also helps us plan our communications, whether it’s a call, meeting, or sending an email, and execute them at the right time.

Justin ButterworthFounder and CEO,
Justin Butterworth

How Pipedrive helped

After a year of using Autopilot and Pipedrive as their real estate CRM, Snug was able to fully automate their B2B sales process. The seamless integration between the two apps made it possible for their small team to successfully prioritize leads and establish a lead qualification system that works.

Using custom fields in Pipedrive, Snug incorporated a scoring system that helped the team focus on leads that are more likely to close. Custom fields are also used to enter crucial details like the size and industry categorization of prospective real estate partners.

Once a prospect is vetted and added into the sales pipeline in Pipedrive, an automated nurturing journey via educational emails is initiated in Autopilot. Using email tracking in Pipedrive, Snug’s sales reps can evaluate if a lead is interested based on clicks and opens. 

This helps them get in touch when the prospect is warm and interested, while custom email templates give prospects the impression that they were in contact with a human the entire time.

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Pipedrive features used

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