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How Snug boosts their list of prospects by 40% every month

Based in Australia, Snug offers a subscription-based, digital rental housing platform.

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Location: Australia
  • Key feature: Autopilot

By integrating Pipedrive with marketing automation tool, Autopilot, Snug grew their list of prospects by 40% every month.


Snug’s list of prospects have grown 40% every month


Snug reduced their sales cycle from six weeks to under two


Snug halved the number of calls needed to close a deal

The challenge

In the early stages of the business, Snug used spreadsheets to keep track of their customer and lead data. While this worked at first, it made it difficult for the sales team to access the information when they needed it. This was particularly problematic for Snug, whose target customers have busy schedules and different decision-making structures.

Spreadsheets offer an extremely limited overview of stats and figures. They were more of a glorified list of sales and prospects that was difficult to digest, at a glance, which made finding out who to get in touch with and when next to impossible.

Justin ButterworthCEO

We wanted a cloud application because we are a decentralized team in multiple locations, Australia and offshore. We also wanted a tool with a great mobile app that allowed us to do sales on the go. Strong integrations were also something we kept in mind in our search since we wanted to be able to plug in and play with our other preferred products. Since real estate people are often in and out of the office and have monthly or quarterly deadlines for financial reporting, we needed something that would help us take this into account when targeting them which is something Pipedrive has been very helpful with. Pipedrive also helps us focus on our best prospects through segmentation and helps us plan our communications. Whether it’s a call, meeting, or sending an email, Pipedrive helps us get in touch with prospects at the right time: when they’re warm and interested.

Justin ButterworthCEO

The solution

Delivering highly personalized and well-timed communications soon became a top priority for Snug’s sales team. The first tool they came across was Autopilot, the marketing automation (MA) tool that put Snug’s prospecting game into second gear by sending customized communications to potential customers.

Snug also needed a CRM tool that would integrate with the MA solution that Autopilot offered in order to manage all the additional information being sent out and stored. The team needed a multi-channel platform that would manage their B2B sales cycle from start to finish. When they found Pipedrive, they knew their real estate sales process would never be the same.

After a year of using Autopilot and Pipedrive as their real estate CRM, Snug was able to fully automate their B2B sales process. The seamless integration between the two apps, along with custom fields and automation, made it possible for their small team of two salespeople to successfully prioritize leads and establish a lead qualification system that works.

The results

As a company with an expanding team in terms of size and locations, cloud-based software was a must. Online and mobile access to information on Pipedrive helps Justin and his sales team stay agile and informed no matter where they are.

When shopping for growth tools and software, Justin offers up the following pointers:

  • Map out the sales and onboarding process for your customers

  • Pinpoint the areas that need automation

  • Look for a robust cloud platform that integrates well with other tools

Since growth demands continuous learning and adaptability, which applies just as much to the tools a team uses as it does to its mindset, the team actively explores new features as well as apps added to the Marketplace to keep the momentum going.

Carefully look at and plan your customer or sales journey from lead to successful onboarding before bringing tools into the mix. Once you have it mapped out, then look for a robust cloud platform that plays nicely with other tools. It’s also important to be sure to explore the features and integration options in the sales management software you decide to use to maximize the benefits it has to offer. The bottom line is selling doesn’t have to be complicated. The solution to complex issues like managing multiple communication channels and scheduling sales calls is often as simple as keeping everything in one place. Something that Pipedrive has done very well for our team.

Justin ButterworthCEO

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