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How SurfaWhile generated three times more leads and still cut costs

Since Olmo van Beurden, Co-Founder of SurfaWhile and Errant Surf, adopted Pipedrive, SurfaWhile has been able to pool its processes and lead generation into one place, streamlining operations and allowing the company to reach customers in new ways.

  • Industry: Travel
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Key feature: LeadBooster


SurfaWhile has almost tripled its number of leads


Marketing costs have dropped by 80%


The time invested in each sale has been reduced by 40%

The challenge

Amsterdam-based company SurfaWhile (branded in the UK as Errant Surf) offer package surfing holidays in Europe and beyond, putting a special emphasis on building a memorable experience for its customers.

The team at SurfaWhile had relied on spreadsheets to manage their sales, but were looking to replace it with a comprehensive package that could offer them more in terms of improved workflows and time-saving features.

Customer communication is enormously important in the travel industry, so SurfaWhile were looking to further expand and automate the ways they could reach out to customers, or be contacted by leads, without these new methods taking up their reps’ time.

We felt the urge for an upgrade in automations, usability and a reduction in the room for error. After quite an extensive process of comparing CRMs, we found Pipedrive to be the best option for us and we haven’t had any regrets.

Olmo van BeurdenCo-Founder, SurfaWhile

The solution

Olmo quickly realized that one of the major advantages of using Pipedrive was that it enabled them to bring all their systems into one place, so the team could coordinate their efforts in conjunction with the new tools Pipedrive provided them.

LeadBooster removed all webform downtime, which had been an issue for SurfaWhile, and the Chatbot and Live Chat functions meant that customers could find quick answers to their questions, or be added into the sales funnel even if staff weren’t on hand. SurfaWhile also communicates with customers via WhatsApp using the Pipechat integration.

Olmo and his colleagues have also found the Deal Management view very helpful as it suits the needs of the travel industry: “The customer journey of someone booking a holiday can be reflected in different stages.”

Pipedrive mainly has the huge advantage of working in a very centralized way—we can integrate almost the entire sales and marketing process into one system. People’s attention is attracted on our website, making it appealing to them to fill out a webform.

Olmo van BeurdenCo-Founder, SurfaWhile

One of the huge benefits of Pipedrive is the great support. At all times I can ask all kinds of questions and we normally get an instant reply with extensive help, including several examples. In some cases, the support contact even records a video on the spot with additional explanations and visualizations. Besides helping out on the different queries, we even get inspiration and input on ways we can go about alternatively.

Olmo van BeurdenCo-Founder, SurfaWhile

The easy-to-set-up reminders are also important: “Automizing welcome information and an email wishing them all the best during their trip saves us a lot of time. People tend to ask us fewer questions as they have trust that they have received all the information required.”

Pipedrive’s customer support team has helped SurfaWhile get to grips with all these features and tools, while they’ve also sourced tips from the Pipedrive Community.

The results

SurfaWhile saw a huge leap in lead generation performance once they began to use Pipedrive’s features: “Before we were using Pipedrive, we were getting an average of 10 new leads per week. Through Pipedrive we have been able to add several other forms too where we’ve grown to 26-27 leads per week across the year.”

Despite almost tripling their lead generation, SurfaWhile’s marketing costs dropped by 80-85% due to the number of ways Pipedrive has allowed leads to connect with them.

On top of this, SurfaWhile has managed to nearly half their sales investment time with each customer, despite now offering an even better sales service.

When looking at the sales process per person (from first contact to the start of their holiday) we used to invest about 14 minutes per client. Pipedrive has allowed us to optimize that process. Now, in only 8 minutes, we send them even more information, which is leading to a greater number of online reviews.

Olmo van BeurdenCo-Founder, SurfaWhile

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