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How Vindi created and managed a data lake

Vindi is Brazil’s leading online platform for managing subscriptions and recurring billing. By integrating Pipedrive’s API, Vindi was able to create and manage a data lake.

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Location: Brazil
  • Key feature: Pipedrive API

By integrating Pipedrive, DashThis account managers were able to create an unbeatable customer experience.


Percentage sales increased in a year


Increase in outreach emails sent a day (from 20 to 250)


Number of team members at Nirmal

The challenge

Vindi was struggling with the flow of customer data. CEO and founder Rodrigo Dantas’s solution to this issue was to create a data lake – something he recommends for all companies dealing with large amounts of customer data. So what is a data lake and how does it work?

The concept of the data lake was originated by James Dixon, then chief technology officer at Pentaho. He says that most companies work from what are called “data marts”: subsets of both structured and unstructured data, usually generated by a single tool or team. Think of a spreadsheet of sales leads generated by your prospecting team. You may have a name, a position, a company, an assigned score, a phone number, an email address and more.

The difference between a mart and a lake is best thought of as follows: the datamart as a store of bottled water – cleansed and packaged and structured for easy consumption – the data lake is a large body of water in a more natural state. The contents of the data lake stream in from a source to fill the lake and various users of the lake can come to examine, dive in, or take samples.

Most companies suffer to find customer data, they are often fragmented into marketing, financial, commercial and retention platforms. And worse, they are not integrated. Each area has a different view of the customer. It will be very smart for you to create a data lake internally, receiving data from all platforms you use to bring and manage customers, and from it use the data as you wish. Based on our experience, we decided that our best course of action would be to create an internal data lake and manage it with a customizable CRM solution.

Rodrigo DantasCEO and founder

Our sales team is big and has been increasingly growing. We have branches in other cities and several lines of product. We don’t consider a sale to be closed after the signing of the contract. We still have the activation workflow of these customers. We managed to immediately fight the loss of information and we gave the entire company visibility regarding the status of every deal. The most important thing was deciding the API integration of pre- and post-sales data. For instance, we managed to automate billing after the deal was won via Pipedrive, avoiding human work.

Rodrigo DantasCEO and founder

The solution

Before they could jump any deeper into the lake, the team at Vindi needed to adopt a sales CRM to help them automate and streamline a bunch of repetitive, time-consuming administrative workflows. That’s when they found Pipedrive.

Rodrigo knew that he faced a challenge integrating Pipedrive into an already complex data lake, but he also knew that the success of his company’s sales efforts rested on meeting this challenge head-on.

To do this, Vindi upgraded to a new Pipedrive plan and started diving into the easy-to-use API.

The results

Vindi started small and scaled fast. Today they are a large team serving many customers.

Rodrigo and his team have found it easy to take advantage of the full range of Pipedrive’s flexible features to bolster their CRM and support this growth.

By using Pipedrive’s API, the company has managed to build a unified system that incorporates Vindi with other key tools.

We asked Rodrigo for the one piece of advice he’d give to people who want to extract the maximum benefits from their sales and customer data using Pipedrive?

The flexibility of Pipedrive allows you to plug so many different apps into your CRM, allowing us to take advantage of customizing and automating large parts of the sales and customer service process. Our flow goes through three layers of sales: prospecting, qualification and closing. SDRs and consultants go through this journey. Before that, there is no human interaction needed. Understand the features you actually use and get to know in depth how the Pipedrive platform works so you can get the most out of this smart and easy CRM solution.

Rodrigo DantasCEO and founder

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